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The Episode starts with Shubhangi troubling Chaurasia by a toy puppy. He scolds her and runs after her. Dhara comes there and says Shubhangi is my daughter, she can do anything in her home, you did legal crime, you snatched a toy from a girl and broke it, do you think this suits you, you think you are an artist, then how did you break a musical instrument, if you trouble my Shubhangi, I will not leave you. She warns him and goes.

Sanjay waits for Mihir. Mihir gets ready and some photos fall. Sanjay sees the pics and looks at Mihir. Sanjay takes Dhara and Shubhangi’s pic. He asks what is this pic doing with you, my doubt was right, who are you, why did you ask me useless questions, answer me. Mihir asks him to mind his work, who is he to ask him, I have come for research, this is part of it, you don’t

need to know anything else, why are you reacting this way. Sanjay says we are neighbors, tell me why you clicked this pic. Mihir says questioning in my work, your work is to answer me and threatens him. Dhara goes to market. Mihir takes her pics. She goes to buy sarees.

Mihir looks at her. Dhara turns to see. Mihir takes her pics. Sanjay sees Mihir and hides. Dhara sees Sanjay. She gets the sarees and goes out. Mihir leaves. Dhara goes to her home and looks around. She feels someone is following her. She says that was Sanjay, why is he keeping an eye on me, why will he do this, I can’t trust him. Sanjay says something is fishy, why is Mihir following Dhara.

Dhara gets ready in a saree. She sees Sanjay outside her house. She goes out to scold him. She asks what were you doing, I know you are following me since morning, you followed me in morning, I was changing clothes and you are looking there, are you not ashamed, I m not scared of anyone, I will expose your true face, you have respect here, I will tell them your deeds.

He holds her hand and asks her to come. She asks how dare you hold my hand, leave my hand. He takes him to his house. She scolds him. he asks her to see all this, this is the answer, you are pointing on my character, I m good or bad, my intentions are not bad, I was following that man, not you, that man is following you and planning something since many days, I can do any work, but not cheap thing like this. She asks who took these pics.

He says that man took these pics, he is clever, I will manage, locality’s woman’s respect is my respect. She asks who is that man. He says wait, and gives Mihir’s pic. She gets shocked. He says I m telling about this man, he came from Mumbai, I arranged house for him as I was told by party office, I felt he is strange, then I got your and Shubhangi’s pics. She says he is Mihir, my ex husband. He asks ex husband? She says our marriage stayed for five years. She recalls Mihir.

She says I was cheated big time, the man I trusted the most, he broke all my dreams, and tells him what Mihir did. Sanjay says you have bear a lot in your past, I thought you are egoistic, I was wrong, you have self esteem and have morals, I apologize for all my mistakes. She says I should apologize to you, I scolded you without knowing truth, I m sorry. She leaves from his house. Sanjay looks at her.

Sanjay meets Verma and tells about Mihir. He says that creep is after Dhara and Shubhangi, I was worried and doubting him. Verma asks him to calm down, its their personal matter, why are you worried, they are husband and wife and will solve it. Sanjay says they were husband and wife before, not now, its personal matter now, Dhara and Shubhangi are under my protection, no one will support Mihir from our area, this is my command. He leaves.

Sanjay goes to Mihir’s house and looks around. He gets some note. Mihir writes to Sanjay that you will get your answers very soon.

Mihir tells Dhara that he will prove that you have been careless in raising Shubhangi, I m going court to file custody case. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i was right

    1. ya jyothi will mihir wining the custody case and what happened to shubharangi why dhara cries

  2. OMG I hope Mihir is not successful and someone helps her against him.

  3. what happemed to shubhangi

  4. Mihir will not change. I would be weird if Dhara falls for sanjay. I intially thought, once she starts tasting success mihir’s ex boss will be paired up. Hmmm let see..

  5. now there…. i think sanjay n dhara ll marry fr subhangi’s custody… if not marry den surely ll come close…

  6. *it would be weird

  7. I think Sanjay may help dhara somehow.

  8. I dont know abt marriage of dhara and sanjay guys bt mihir is very influential..I sincerely hope dhara still wins her custody cum wat may…and mihir falls right on his face..scum of d earth

  9. So thats how we get to know the positive side of Sanjay. Interesting…

  10. Am glad Sanjay is supporting Dhara. As for mihir with court I think he will lose because Dhara is strong woman with a lot of courage and takes good care of her daughter she even have witnesses to back her up

  11. Great serial!

  12. Mihir was introduced as a positive character but turned out to be a full on negative character. Contrastly, Sanjay was introduced as a negative character and now turning to be positive.

  13. Nice epi!!!

  14. Please update the episode of Sunday also.

  15. yuckkkkkkk thuh……i hate DHARAAA she is vry old age…..she can play role of anyones big sister or AUNTYjiiii ……why she choose for this charecter???directer could select any young actress…..she is just disgusting serial is good bt for dhara chihh

  16. Pls upload 8mays epi

  17. @ Zarha I don’t understand what you are talking about. Dhara is very perfect for this character pls. Pls no 8 may update?

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