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The Episode starts with Gaffur’s funeral taken to the graveyard. Dhara cries. Bhai ji and Izhar leave. Dhara hugs Shubhangi and cries. They all leave. Izhar asks inspector to have sweets, its for you. Inspector says we have not acted on your arrest warrant. Izhar says why am I hunted, its not big thing if I go to jail, I will become bigger, Salamat has mind, he has made recording. Inspector asks when did he make recording. Izhar says he came to meet me, I spoke to him thinking to forgive him, I said I got Gaffur killed. Inspector says see his courage, I will not leave him, how dare Salamat and Sanjay go against you and Bhai ji. Izhar says calm down, I will take something bigger than revenge, we will go to police station and decide their punishment. Inspector says I have arranged AC room, tv and cable for

you, you are govt guest for us. Izhar makes him have sweets.

Bhai ji laughs and says Sanjay and Salamat are much clever than we expected, its great. Izhar laughs. Bhai ji says I arranged bail papers. Izhar says even I have done arrangements, I have to teach lesson to Salamat. Bhai ji says no, its time to kill them, they tried to get ahead of us, now its our turn, this time game will be against them. Izhar gets revengeful towards Sanjay and Salamat.

Dhara serves tea to Sanjay and says we paid true tribute to Gaffur by getting his murderers arrested, my heart feels light thanks. Veer comes and says someone gave this for Sanjay. Sanjay checks the phone. Dhara says new phone. Sanjay says I had to get new phone, old phone got lost. He tries to cheer her up. She says I need time. He asks her to take time and think of moving on he says I bought smartphone and says maybe I will also get some smartness. She smiles.

She says you need smartness, as you got against Bhai ji, he will not be quiet, he will attack again, he can’t bear failure, you and Salamat have to be alert. Sanjay says yes, we are alert, its time to do something good, I won’t move back. She looks at him.

Its morning, Dhara goes to Gaffur’s house and looks around. She recalls Gaffur and cries. She says this mattress would have not been completed like your dream, but I will fulfill your incomplete dream to make Bulandgunj a city of peace, I came to bid you bye, wherever you stay, be happy and send blessings for us, I promise, cricket will get this city out of religions round, we will fill sportsman spirit in everyone, there will be no reason for violence here, I promise everyone will be equal, together and united.

The team play cricket. Dhara tells Mishra that she can see the solution, something should happen that the roots for riots end and there are no riots anytime, my team has to win this ground. Mishra says I m feeling confident, but I find this tough, the wounds are deep, I know two religions guys are be together here, but its impossible for Bulandgunj residents. She says how can you say, you have big example here, think to take the guys, do you think they are from different religions. She says if we two can join 12 people, think how many people can we 14 can join. He says you want to make a bridge by these kids, who will listen to them. She says everyone, their thinking is new, their hearts are clean, they can change anything in world, they can show new way to elders, its not tough to see peace in this city, I m sure my team will change this city. He smiles.

Dhara talks to her team. She smiles seeing them united and standing as one. The team goes to influence the people. Dhara, Salamat, Sanjay and Mishra come there. The team tells the people that they have a mission to get peace back in the city.

Manoj’s dad asks whats all this, and takes Manoj. He asks Dhara what is this drama, are you mad to do all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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