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The Episode starts with inspector asking Dhara to get food grains from the van. He says your fate is good, take more grains. She thanks him. He says thank this tempo guy, who has run away leaving the tempo here. She keeps money there and goes. Inspector checks notes and keeps back. He locks the tempo. Shubhangi looks for Dhara at home. She finds door locked and keeps a stool to look outside. She calls mumma and gets worried. Dhara is on the way and gets late. She comes home and sees Shubhangi fallen on the ground. She shouts for help. The neighbor guy goes to see and asks what happened. His wife comes and sees them. The neighbor guy calls Sanjay and others.

Sanjay asks what happened. The neighbor guy says she fainted. Sanjay lifts Shubhangi and runs out. Everyone run after him, as he is taking Shubhangi

to hospital. They lift shutter and show girl to doctor. Sanjay scolds doctor and asks him to attend girl first. Dhara says she is not opening eyes, please check her, her head is bleeding. Doctor checks her. Neighbor guy asks is everything fine. Doctor says don’t worry, its all fine. Sanjay says I will leave then. He sends his men and asks them to be careful, its curfew. Dhara thanks Sanjay. She says I don’t know how to repay for your favor. He asks her to pay 201rs right away to return favor. She asks what. He asks her to give fast. Neighbor guy signs no to Sanjay. Dhara gives money to Sanjay, and says your fees is more than doctor. Sanjay goes and gives money to inspector. Inspector says I don’t want your money. Sanjay asks him to keep it. Inspector says you people do riots and our situation gets tough. Sanjay asks him to tell muslims. Inspector says even they say us the same. He calls for Sikander. Sanjay signs his man.

Sanjay asks inspector to let his man take ration. Inspector scolds the man. The man apologizes. Inspector says you should sell the items on right rates, if you sell for double rate, I will beat you, go now. The man asks about someone taking rice. Inspector says no one stole the rice, a girl needed rice and took nit, see she kept money. Sanjay looks on.

Dhara takes care of Shubhangi and asks her to sleep. Shubhangi says I m hungry. Dhara sees the rice fallen over the floor. She says fine, I will cook something good, sleep now. Neighbor’s wife is taking food. Neighbor asks his wife not to take food, Roy refused for help, as he wants to see Dhara’s courage. His wife says she has shown enough courage, don’t trouble her more, I will get food, her duaghter is ill. Dhara picks the rice. The lady asks her to get up, neighbors are not so bad. She says I m Ridhila, I got food for you, I m doing my duty as neighbor, maybe you will also have to do duty some day. Dhara asks about riots. Ridhila says riots happen without big reason here, curfew commences then, I always tell my husband not to go out in curfew, where is your husband. Dhara says he is not there, I mean I got divorced. She gets Deepak’s call and says its my Papa’s call. Ridhila says fine, talk to your Papa, I will feed Shubhangi till then.

Ridhila feeds Shubhangi. Deepak says Dhara, I have seen riots happening in Meerut, you are saying everything is fine, you have even Shubhangi, how is she. Dhara cries and says Shubhangi fell down, she got injured, I took her to doctor, she is fine now. He asks her to come back, I will book ticket. She says curfew is there. He says fine, once curfew ends, inform me, you don’t need to be there, take care. He worries for them.

Dhara thanks Ridhila. Ridhila says if you need anything, call me, I will go now. She asks Dhara to always keep door shut and goes. Dhara shuts the door. Dhara asks Shubhangi did she like the food, and hugs her. She calls Roy and asks whar did you think to send me here, there is curfew and riots. Roy says it happens, it will be fine in few days. Dhara tells her struggle and reacts angrily. Roy says cool down, you are getting emotional, wait for few days. She says I m coming back. He says you have courage to get milk at night, think well. She asks how do you know. He says leave it, nothing is easy in world, its new place and small problems look big to you, how did you become coward. She says I can’t risk Shubhangi’s life. He says fine, if I lose, call me, I know you won’t accept failure so soon. He ends call. She cries.

Dhara tells neighbor that it seems you love cricket. He says no, I love my dad. Dhara asks whose bat is this. Ridhila asks him not to ask about old memories.

Update Credit to: Amena

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