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The Episode starts with Mihir asking Sanjay about malls, kids shops, sports ground and facilities in city. He asks is this city safe. Sanjay says yes. Mihir asks is police trustable or corrupt. Sanjay asks him to stop asking, why does he want to know this history. Mihir says I m doing research, its confidential contract. Sanjay asks what research, are you writing any book. Mihir says I said I can’t reveal anything, its confidential contract, don’t ask me. He thanks him for the info and goes. Sanjay gets angry and leaves.

Shubhangi asks Gaffur to make small mattress for her. He says sure, I will make a light mattress for you, you can sleep well and dream of fairies, I will then ask you about the mattress. She laughs. Chaurasia plays tabla. Shubhangi and Gaffur also play music. Chaurasia gets disturbed

and says this would be Dhara’s daughter, why does she play when she does not know Sur and Taal. He goes out to see.

He asks them to stop this bad music. He scolds Shubhangi. He asks Gaffur to leave from here. Shubhangi gets scared. Mridula asks Chaurasia why is he shouting, can’t he see girl got scared, Gaffur can come to meet Shubhangi, I think you like to ruin peace, if you stay peaceful, it will be good. He argues. Mridula gets angry and scolds Chaurasia. She says we will do what we like, and asks Shubhangi and Gaffur to play music. Chaurasia threatens her and says I will end this matter, this is test of my patience.

Dhara tells Dinesh that patience will help him win, captainship is big responsibility. Dinesh says I don’t think I can do this. Dhara asks why, I m sure this team can’t get better captain than you, this decision won’t change now, do you trust me. He says a lot. She says I trust you, you are clean hearted, you are true, your decisions will be true too, I m with you, you use this whistle from today.

Students joke on Dinesh. Dhara scolds them and asks them to get serious, when Dinesh whistles, they all have to listen to him, when they go to ground, everyone will play knowing their responsibility. They all agree. She sends them outside. She asks Dinesh does he have to say something, he can just say it out.

Dinesh says I get nervous, whenever I go to do anything. I stammer being nervous, everyone used to laugh when I stammered, no one knew why I m scared and why I stammer, the reason was my brother, who used to leave me in toilet and go, I used to shout in fear, my brother used to laugh on me. Dhara says when there is heart, there will be nervousness, everyone has own fears, even I get nervous, I don’t remember any fears now, we can win over our fears slowly, you make a start, time will make everything fine, if sun gets afraid of darkness and does not come out, think there will be darkness everywhere, but sun comes out and brings hope every morning, get fear out of mind and see every chance as a new start, if you trust yourself, then see the world will trust you. He agrees. She smiles.

Mihir takes pics of Chaurasia breaking Shubhangi’s music instrument. Chaurasia scolds Shubhangi and warns Gaffur. He asks Gaffur to just leave. Gaffur cries and leaves from there. Chaurasia asks him not to come in this locality again. Mihir looks on.

Dhara shows the trophy pic and says this is our aim, we have to get this. She says we have to play well and show we are better team, we have to play as united team, unity is our biggest strength. The students say we understood and smile.

Dhara asks Virat is he not happy, does he have to say anything. Virat says we will play well, I have bakery work, I get tired, I can’t manage work and cricket, if we get off from other work, we can play well. Dhara gets thinking.

She gets Mridula’s call and goes out. Shubhangi cries and tells about Chaurasia. She says he scolded me and broke the musical instrument. Dhara pacifies her and says I will come. Shubhangi says I will be with Mridula, I m scared. Dhara asks her not to be scared, you are brave girl, stop crying, if anyone snatches our thing and breaks it, we will not fight, we will teach him a lesson. She tells Shubhangi what to do. Shubhangi smiles.

Mihir’s photos falls down. Sanjay sees Shubhangi’s pic and looks at Mihir.

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  1. Sanjay plz..kill Mihir. My permission is officially granted.:)

  2. God, mihir is such a pain…
    sneha,I agree with u , he is so annoyinggg. But am sure our brave dhara will put him in his place.

    1. Yeah.. I hope so..too..& I hope dat..shubhangi doesnt hav 2 face anything, though..dat man is very vile…he can fall 2 any levels 2 get his daughter.

  3. I wonder what Sanjay will do. Please tell Dhara!!!!

  4. Hope Sanjay helps Dhaara and not Mihir

  5. I couldn’t agree more with sneha. As always good episode. Mihir will dig his own grave!

    1. yeah..hope for d best..:)

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