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The Episode starts with Dhara telling Nandita about her marriage. FB shows Mihir and Dhara sitting at the beach. He says its beautiful sight, do you know why I got you here, your city is at the other side of this sea, I know you miss your family, call them. She asks for his phone. He asks where is her phone. She says its at home. He asks why do women leave phone at home. She says answer is simple, we don’t have pocket. She calls home and talks to Saroj.

She asks about Deepak and gets sad. She cries and tells Mihir that Deepak misses me a lot, he kept my room the same, Deepak does not want any change at home. Mihir consoles and hugs her. He says beautiful relationship, Deepak and you have much love, I will try to give you much love as well. Dhara says I used to believe Mihir, I really felt he will

love me. Mihir reaches the police station and asks for womens cell. He goes inside Nandita’s cabin and sees Dhara. Shubhangi gets scared and hugs Dhara. Nandita looks at the girl.

Mihir asks Dhara how can she come here without telling him, come home. Dhara says I left letter, even when it was not necessary. He asks why are you saying this, this is not the place to discuss our problems. She says there is nothing left to talk, its all over. He asks what do you mean. She says I will take divorce. He asks did you get mad. She says no, I came to senses now. He says stop this nonsense, come home and holds her hand. Nandita stops him and asks him to be away and talk. He says you don’t talk in between, you don’t know me. Nandita says I know, you are such father, by your sight your daughter got scared, this is enough ground to take divorce.

Mihir asks Dhara to punish him but come home. Dhara says I don’t want to punish, I want freedom. He begs her to come home with him and shouts. She refuses. He drags her. Inspector stops Mihir. Mihir asks what will you do. Nandita says you know laws, if you touch anyone here with anger, you will get jail, no one can save you then, everything is getting recorded here, take advice by good lawyer, don’t spoil your case, get out.

Mihir says I know many lawyers, I will get them along, I will come soon. He leaves. Dhara cries and hugs Shubhangi. Nandita looks on.

FB shows Mihir coming home early. Dhara asks how did he come home early. He says I worked more before marriage, that’s why I got holiday now. She asks why did you come soon. He says my office colleagues used to tell me before to go home, I used to say whats at home, but now I know who is at home and what to do. He hugs her. She reminds him that she is shy and from small village. She makes him shut windows and remove mirrors. They hug. FB ends.

Dhara says life was very beautiful and simple, I just used to love him and wait for him all day. Fb shows their life after marriage. Dhara got busy in kitchen work after he went to office. She was alone in Mumbai and time was plenty. She was in love and it was fun to wait for Mihir’s return. She used to pass time and started learning few things. FB shows Dhara surprising Mihir by dressing up well. He compliments her. She cooks food and sends tiffin for Mihir. She asks recipes from Saroj and cooks. Dhara serves food to Mihir and waits for his comments. He asks her to sit. She says no, you eat. He asks whats the matter. She says when I made such food, Deepak used to say whether he liked food or not, by patting on back. She pats on his back. Mihir asks really, shall I eat. He eats the food and pats on her back. She falls on chair. He says I m sorry, you made such tasty food. She holds her back. He says if I like food at office, how will I pat your back. She says call me that time, I know you won’t like it, as it will be cold. He says I used to have bad food, everyone demands your handmade food at office. He jokes and they laugh.

Dhara says Mihir was a big image builder, he used to show himself like he wasn’t ever, he always wanted me to show like I wasn’t.

Update Credit to: Amena

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