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The Episode starts with Sanjay telling Dhara that he has to take the risk and open everyone’s eyes, no one likes bloodshed, they will understand, I grew up in this city, I know them, I promised Gaffur to bring peace in city, this is my aim now. She asks him to promise he won’t do foolishness again, even I want peace, but not this way. He promises. She says Gaffur has no relatives, did you prepare for his funeral. He says yes, Salamat is doing preparations. She says I feel Gaffur will come now and call me daughter, I can’t believe he is not between us now, I will miss him a lot. He says I could not save Gaffur, but there is something that’s in my hand now, I will do that, I will just come. He leaves.

He goes to party office and asks Verma about Bhai ji. Verma says don’t disturb Bhai ji. Sanjay

says I m disturbed and now I will disturb Bhai ji. Bhai ji welcomes Sanjay and sends Verma. Sanjay says I have come to talk. Bhai ji asks him to sit. He aims gun at Sanjay and scolds him. Sanjay asks him is he not fed up of killing people, you are a devil, why did you kill Gaffur. Bhai ji smiles and asks him to sit.

He says Gaffur’s death was necessary, you forgot my lesson I taught you, power needs sacrifice, Izhar and I got Gaffur killed, did Salamat and you wanted to become angels, the city would have divided, but you ruined all this, you wasted his sacrifice, did you wish to become hero by seeing media camera, leave it, you are young, I will rectify your mistakes, the fire is blown off now, but there are sparks in the ashes, you have to blow fire again, work hard, we got double work because of you, this time you use all your powers and create riots with new passion, remember one thing, never go against Bhai ji and don’t raise questions on my intentions, you should learn from me and not try to teach me.

Izhar scolds Salamat and says whatever I did is for my community. Salamat says lie, you are not related to anyone, you are greedy and selfish, you are doing this for the chair, devil does so. Izhar says you are calling me devil and fumes asking Salamat to get lost. He asks him not to come back to his office again.

Shubhangi tells Dhara that Gaffur did not say bye to me, where did he go. Dhara asks her to sleep, we will greet him bye tomorrow. Its morning, Gaffur’s funeral is taken to the school. Dhara, her students and everyone look on.

Shubhangi asks whats happened. Dhara says we are saying final good bye to Gaffur. Basheer and other muslim guys put a garland on Gaffur’s body. Hindu men also come and put garlands. Dhara, Sanjay and Salamat look on. Izhar comes there and puts garland on Gaffur’s body. Next comes Bhai ji. Bhai ji also puts garlands. Bhai ji and Izhar start acting and show grief for Gaffur’s death. Izhar prays for Gaffur. Bhai ji says I…. Dhara stops him and says this is not place and time to give your political lecture, Gaffur’s religion was humanity, he has taught humanity to everyone, he was not into the religions differentiation. She cries.

Dhara says some people are present there who did not wish Gaffur to be alive, his soul will get pain if you talk about politics, say something that his soul gets happiness, else keep your mouth shut, person goes, but if we have to keep a person alive, we have to keep his ethics and morals alive, I will keep Gaffur alive in my thinking, his teachings will always be there, we have to keep humanity alive, if we want to keep Gaffur alive, we should send him with this thinking. Bhai ji and Izhar look on. Dhara cries.

Dhara tells Mishra that if we can join 12 people, think 12 people can join many more people. Mishra says they are kids, who will listen to them. She says everyone will listen, as their thinking is new.

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