Tamanna 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with little Dhara studying. She sees the boys running to play cricket. She smiles and sees Baa is not around. She runs out to play cricket. Deepak plays with the kids. He asks Dhara what are you doing here, go home, if Baa sees you, she will beat you, did you finish homework. Dhara says yes. He asks her to go home. She asks can I see just 5mins. He says fine. She runs to do fielding. Deepak claps and smiles. Everyone like Dhara’s fielding and clap. Deepak and everyone go to her, and praise Dhara. The boy says we will take her in our team. Deepak asks Dhara to catch and focus on ball. He tries to check and throws ball in the sky. Dhara catches the ball. Deepak gets surprised and claps. The man says if Dhara was boy, she would have become great cricketer. Deepak says yes, and trains

Dhara. He sees Baa there and gets tensed. He asks his friend to see that side. Baa sees Dhara there. Baa takes Dhara gome.

Its night, Dhara sees everyone sleeping. She wakes up Dhara and asks him to train her. She says I will make round roti and show, you have to say can I make it round or not. She makes the roti as Baa taunt her. He says its round, I tried once, its tough to make round roti and gets surprised. She says Baa got me from ground, I felt very bad. He asks for whose good Baa said. She says Sasu. He says no, yours. She says I have learnt everything, tell her to allow me to play cricket. She cries. He wipes her tears and says its fine. He trains her batting, and asks her to learn well, its boy’s game, I m teaching as you made round rotis.

Saroj comes and asks them not to stop, Baa will scold them. He asks her to watch them. Dhara says its fun, we will play daily. He asks her not to hit anywhere like this, and not make vase fall, Baa will not leave me. Dhara laughs. He says I have thought, if Baa comes, I will run away from here. Baa comes and sees them. Deepak says Baa is strict. Dhara sees Baa and gets tensed. Deepak jokes on Baa scaring everyone and laughs. He asks Dhara to play. She signs them to see Baa. Deepak and Saroj see Baa.

Baa scolds Deepak and stops him from running. She sends Dhara to go and sleep. Dhara runs to her room. She asks Saroj and Deepak to understand, they love Dhara and give her everything what is her right, but we live in society, Dhara will get married, cricket will ruin her life, no one will be modern to marry woman cricketer. Deepak says she learns everything, she made round roti you taught her, and I taught her batting, what is big thing. Baa says it can be big thing, we don’t bahus to work, who will marry cricketer. Deepak says she just wished.

Baa says I have seen her playing games, I did not see that glow in her eyes, which I have seen in her eyes for cricket, it is passion for her. Deepak asks what passion, she held bat for the first time. She says I m 55 year old, I see what you can’t see, I can see difference between game and passion, and this is passion. He says its not like that, she plays cricket as game. They all hear some sound and rush to Dhara’s room they see her clapping in her sleep and shouting six…. Baa looks at them…. Deepak worries.

Baa tells Dhara that she will get good groom if she keeps fast. Dhara refuses and asks Baa to write and give about the groom she wants. Baa says what type of groom she wants. Dhara shows Sachin. They all look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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