Tamanna 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mihir asking Dhara how did she like this. She says very nice. He says sorry, to get you here from your haveli. She says home is home. He says every home has a story, which a woman can write, I know you will write this story very beautifully. They hug. She smiles.

A leap of six years is shown. A messed up house is shown. Dhara and Mihir’s fight voiceover echoes. She gets shattered recalling their ugly arguments and how she wished to get divorce from him. Mihir tells her that he will never free her and keep the meaningless marriage alive. Dhara sits sad and cries. She sees the divorce agreement papers torn. A sad song plays in BG.

Dhara fixes the papers with tape. Her little daughter comes and asks then what happened mumma, tell me. Dhara says earthquake came in just

our house. The girl asks how can it be. Dhara says it happens sometimes. Dhara hugs her daughter.

Its morning, Mihir leaves for office. Dhara gives breakfast to her daughter. M M Roy sees the players on the field. He gets a call from Dhara and disconnects. Dhara messages him. Roy does not reply. She calls again. He answers her call and asks her to say. She says I tried my best, I can’t bear it, I want divorce. He asks her to get required documents, and then… She says everything is ready, I want some good lawyer. He says I m away, can’t you wait. She says its urgent. He says I will send an address, you go there. Dhara cries.

Roy hides about the matter. Verma says you received call in between the call, its first time. Roy says I m sorry Verma, some players are imp than cricket. He messages the address to Dhara. Dhara calls her daughter Shubhangi.

Dhara reaches police station with Shubhangi. It rains heavily. She asks Shubhangi to sleep. Inspector asks Dhara to go that way. Dhara takes Shubhangi and asks for Nandita. She waits there and asks for some sheet to make Shubhangi sleep. The lady inspector smiles and goes. Dhara sees police beating some people and shuts Shubhangi’s ears with her hands.

Nandita comes there and asks police staff how did they make her client sit at corner. She makes staff clean her cabin and says get a sheet, this is women cell, women will bring children in emergency, keep some facilities, get shawl from my car. She spreads sheet and keeps her purse as pillow. She asks Dhara to make Shubhangi sleep here and sends the staff. She says this is my office too, we don’t need male staff here. She tells Dhara that they all are good. She gets Roy’s call and says yes, Dhara is here, I will take care of it, promise. She tells Dhara that Roy has called many times, he cares for you a lot. He regards all girl cricketers his daughters, I don’t refuse to any of his case. She says I got late as I was getting all details of your case, does Mihir know you are here. Dhara says yes, I left a letter. Mihir crushes the letter and fumes. He leaves from home.

Nandita asks are you sure of this decision. Dhara says yes, I have thought of this well. Nandita asks will your husband give you divorce easily, if its mutual then there is no need to fight, if either wants divorce, then we have to fight. Dhara says we have to fight, he won’t give divorce. Nandita asks why. Dhara says he loves me a lot. Nandita smiles and asks why divorce then… Dhara says even people who raise parrots love them, and parrots have to say what owner want, they don’t let parrots fly, I have lived in cage for 6 years, I can’t bear more. Nandita says parrots society… they don’t take freed parrot back. Dhara says its fine, once divorce happens, we will see society later, I have taken decision for Shubhangi, I will not move back. Nandita says fine, then we will start our work.

Nandita says you might not know, but your husband is very influential, he has many contacts, fight is tough, it will be fun, tell me everything right from day 1 of your marriage. Dhara says I wanted to write a fairy tale, it was going well….

Mihir comes to find Dhara and asks for women’s cell. He comes there and sees Dhara with Nandita. Shubhangi hugs Dhara. Mihir asks Dhara to come home with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thik its same kind of obssesive love like saubhagyavati bhava’s viraaj..

    1. might be..

  2. So sad…

  3. Mihr why r u changed. Support dhara man!!!

  4. Thnx fr d quick update….
    But sad ? episode…really dn believe it…

  5. Oh no….. Whats ds yaaa? I wish dhara sud be successful n both family & career…… Like diya aur bati him…

  6. Oh God! Why? Why? Why?

    Why our telly shows so such painful things. How can people be so heartless?

  7. It can be mihir’s possessiveness and not allowing dhara to play cricket when she wants etc.
    I didnt expect this was coming. So sad for dhara
    I wanted to have them a beautiful life though its reel life 🙁 :'(
    Also in d beginning it seems that mihir is impatient , short tempered, dominating! I found something wrong in mihir from the day they went out before marriage! And this happened now!

  8. Soo God what happened to mihi y u have changed earlier u r soo romantic naa y yaar & dharaa y she is living wid that stupid mihir but todays epi was awesome but little bit sad too yaar mihi & dharaa ku mila doo and mihir should help dharaa to fulfill her wishes????

  9. I. Was. Sure. Earlier. That. Mihir. Character. Will turn. Negetive. Because. How. Can. A. Man. Be. So. Calm. And. Decent. And. His. Habit. Of. Telling sorry. Was. Unbearable

  10. A. Dharaa ans. That. Sha loves. Cricket. Then. Her. Papa. And. Then. Mihir. . ..mihir. should. Got. Hurt. That. She. Gave. Him. 3Rd. Position

  11. Oh My God ! Why did Mihir change? Mihir and Dhara looked good together. But their daughter is cute just like Sakshi from SILSILA PYAR KA .

    1. Hi anjali… Welcome dr

  12. It was obvius dat mihir chngd he loves her but he is damn possesive he reminds me of my ex he just made me so uncomfortable im glad dat i broke up wid him sorry for using cuss words.. But breaking up wid him was really a pain in arse.. He was just so insistent and threatening for suicide i was kind of helpless he had me in his control and from d moment i saw mihir i knew it wud happen eventually…

  13. Thank u diya

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