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The Episode starts with Salamat asking Sanjay to stop, we will not take step in anger. He says I promised Gaffur, but we can’t act in anger, we will think what to do. The hindu group comes and Salamat hides. Sanjay stops the group. The men says we want revenge, no one can stop us, not even you. The man catches Salamat and gets him to the group. He asks them to kill Salamat. Sanjay asks them to move back and not touch Salamat. The men scold Sanjay and says we will kill you too. Sanjay says fine, if you want to kill an innocent man, then do it, but first kill me, who will kill me, tell me. The men say Sanjay has got mad, he is with muslims now, kill him.

Sanjay says fine, kill me, listen to me first, Bhai ji told you to do this, but Bhai ji is the root of the riots, Izhar is with Bhai ji, they are

doing this for vote bank and political benefit, what do we get from this, just hatred, do you want your children to take this hatred ahead, we just had loss from riots, he explains them who create this riots, is this Bhai ji’s loss if we lose our money and family. The muslim group comes there and get angry seeing the hindu group. Media comes there.

Dhara takes care of baby. Mridula comes there. Dhara gives her the baby. The muslim lady says I will make tea and come, till then watch tv. Dhara sees the live news of the riots. Both groups are seen. Reporter says both groups have tension and hatred in them. Dhara sees Sanjay and shows Mridula. She says what are Sanjay and Salamat doing. The lady says Sanjay saved me in riots, what is he doing with Salamat. Dhara says so you are Zeenat, Sanjay is part of our family. Salamat stops his group. Sanjay stops the hindu group. Salamat tells them about Izhar, who is fooling them. He says Bhai ji and Izhar are doing this, they are taking benefit by making us fight, tell me where is our religious book, is it written that we should kill other religion people.

Sanjay asks the men to see whom are they killing. Salamat says our children go to school together, religion does not teach to kill each other. Sanjay says we are helping Bhai ji by killing each other. Sanjay and Salamat explain the people and tell them that humanity is the religion, and request them not to kill each other. Sanjay tells muslim group that Gaffur is no more. He asks hindu group do they know that man, and just get started to kill other religion people, you know Bhai ji and Izhar got Gaffur killed, he was an angel who wanted peace. Dhara and Mridula get shocked knowing Gaffur got killed. Dhara cries recalling him.

Sanjay tells them Gaffur had religion of humanity, he loved all religions, he had relations with everyone. Sanjay says he wanted brotherhood, love and friendship between all of us. Dhara and Mridula cry. The people throw the sticks, swords and fire torches. They all go home.

Sanjay and Salamat smile. They hug and get happy to succeed in their motives. Sanjay says some people dropped their weapons today, we will keep trying till everyone drops the weapons, we have to make this city peaceful.

There is peace in the city again. The curfew ends and people resume normal routine. Sameer gives milk to Veer and Shubhangi. Shubhangi waits for Dhara. Sameer says Dhara would be coming with baby, have food. Dhara and Mridula come home with the baby. Dhara gives baby to Sameer and congratulates him. He says how shall I thank you Dhara, thank you so much. Shubhangi hugs Dhara and asks why are you crying. Dhara thinks how to tell Shubhangi about Gaffur, but I have to say. She hugs Shubhangi and says Gaffur will never come now.

Sameer says I have to thank many people. Mridula says bad days are gone, Lord gave us big happiness, but Gaffur….. his death has tied Dhara with the riots, she is broken, she needs us a lot. He nods. Dhara is angry on Sanjay and says I m not saying you did wrong, you should worry for yourself, you stood between them without any weapon, to give them sense, it was foolishness, not bravery, this was like suicide. Sanjay says you are saying right, its justified you are annoyed, but I had to do this, after Gaffur’s death, this suicide would be an sacrifice, I had to take the risk.

Bhai ji aims gun at Sanjay. Sanjay says I m not scared of you, you are a devil. Why did you kill Gaffur?

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  1. Thank you Amena you always update very fast

  2. is this show ending soon? does anybody know

    1. Yes
      Within 150 episodes

      1. Thanks, I guessed as much.

  3. I love this show. It is quite different from other serials. Hats off to the director for thinking beyond saas bahu story. I also appreciate the leading lady Dhara.

  4. i love this show.its a good serial different from other typical serials which goes too long without any sense.

  5. Amaya Rishi Mathur

    I think dhara will come in front of Sanjay and get the bullet…then both of them would realize their love…Sanjay would propose…dhara would accept…they would have a baby called jayda

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