Tamanna 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara crying and recalling everyone’s words. She writes a letter, that Deepak says right, he did not force her for anything, he left decision on her today, its tough decision, either marriage or cricket which I love the most. She hits the ball. She writes that Deepak used to ask her to follow her instinct, she can’t leave cricket for Mihir, if I have to take decision, my decision is I have to break your promise. I know you will be very much hurt, I m sorry, I did not many times, I will do this again, please manage. She hears Deepak asking Saroj for medicines. Saroj gives him medicines. Dhara looks on and cries. She hits the ball angrily.

She recalls Deepak teaching her cricket in her childhood. She asks him to show some other shots. He says I can show more, and explains

her. She laughs. He says I got hurt. She asks did he get hurt. He laughs and says I m joking, we should not leave focus. Baa comes and asks Dhara did she not hear her call. Dhara says no. Deepak says even I did not hear anything. Baa says she is girl, she should hear everything. Baa takes Dhara and asks what did you learn today. Dhara says out if focus is gone. Baa asks her to learn threading the needle and shows her. She asks Saroj to cut chillies and show Dhara, this is her training, else Deepak will teach her cricket. Saroj cuts chillies. Baa asks Dhara to cut now, and shows her. Baa asks Dhara to get oranges, peel off skin and teaches her. She asks Dhara to get a barni down, and it breaks. She says it happens while practicing.

Deepak comes and asks whats happening. Baa cleans the glass. She scolds Deepak and says no cricket at home today. He says its holiday for me, man can do his fav. own work on holiday. She asks Deepak go out and play cricket. Dhara sits studying. She hears Deepak playing with kids, and goes to see. Deepak trains the kids and shows to hit. A mirror breaks and Kaka scolds him. Deepak gives him glass window, and asks him to fix this. He asks the boys not to break any glass now. Dhara laughs. Baa asks Dhara to keep tulsi diya. Deepak stops Dhara and asks Baa what is she doing. He says I play cricket and Dhara just looks on. Baa says I don’t like Dhara’s interest in cricket, she is a girl, not a boy, we have to teach her girl things. He says I understood, I will explain her to learn things.

Deepak takes Dhara on terrace and asks did she like what Baa taught her. Dhara says no. Deepak says Baa is teaching you for your good, Baa is solid one. Dhara says yes, she scares. Deepak says no one loves with her, when my dad died… She corrects him and says Baa said we should say passed away, not died… He says yes, when my dad passed away, Baa raised me, she faced everything alone, she is more mature, whatever she teaches is by thinking well. He asks her to learn everything by heart. He gives her chocolate and mint. She takes the mint. They have it and he laughs. He smiles seeing her innocence. They all sleep. Dhara looks at the sky. She goes out and gets scared hearing a cat. She tries again and goes to do some work. Its morning, Baa sees everything ready that she taught Dhara yesterday. She smiles and hugs Dhara.

Little Dhara tells Deepak that Baa brought her from ground and told me to just learn making rotis, why does she not study, she should let me play cricket. She cries and Deepak hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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