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The Episode starts with Dhara telling Sultan that his batting skills are better than wicket keeping skills. She politely refuses him. She calls Deepak and asks for his help in choosing wicket keeper. He suggests her to take an alert, and always energetic person, like a mother, even when she has pressures, she does all work at home, wicket keeper also has to work all long till the match goes on, keeper is very important, if he gets tired from heart and body, then team will lose. She says I don’t have such player in team. He asks her to have trust, she will find someone, see from coach’s sight. She says fine, I will call later. She ends call.

Verma tells Sanjay to do arrangements for Bhai ji’s special guest. Sanjay says a house is vacant in my neighborhood, let him come, I will manage. Verma says

he is coming tomorrow by train. Sanjay says let me see who is this special guest. He sees Mihir’s pic and reads his name Mihir Sukhadiya…. He asks who is he, we don’t know him, I m on duty for him. Verma says Bhai ji told us to take care of him, we have to agree, maybe Mihir is rich man. Sanjay asks is he any MLA or party member. Verma says Mihir is image builder, he is special for our party. Sanjay says there will be some reason he is coming Bulandganj. Verma says leave it, I heard its some marriage matter, its his personal matter, what do we have to do with it, I don’t know more of it.

Next day, Dhara and some kids goes to a class and tells the kids that they are finding a good wicket keeper for school cricket team, if they feel they can do wicket keeping, they can raise hands. Basheer throws ball. No one catches it. Dhara says its fine, we will try again. She does not get anyone skillful and leaves.

She says there is no one here, come we will make a last try. She goes to another class and talks to kids. She tells kids that they are finding a good wicket keeper for school cricket team, if they feel they can do wicket keeping, they can raise hands. Basheer throws ball. A boy catches the ball. Dhara looks at him and asks him to pass ball. She throws ball again, and he catches it again. She finds him talented and asks his name. He says Virat Sharma. She says you catch well, will you play cricket for school. He says no, I just see cricket. She says I will teach you, will you become wicket keeper. Virat refuses. The guys get Virat with them by forcing him. Mishra asks them why are they forcing Virat. Virat refuses to play.

Dhara asks why, you are getting chance to play from school team, wicket keeper position is important, you have many qualities to become wicket keeper, try and don’t refuse for it. Arjun says he is refusing as he is fat and can’t bend, if he falls, he will need time to get up. They laugh. Dhara asks students to see their weakness. She asks Virat why does he not want to play. Virat says I can’t play, I did not have time for any game, dad has work in bakery, we work there, I have to go to bakery, how can I play cricket. Mishra says yes, let him go, his bakery work is imp than school team.

Dhara throws ball and says Virat has great reflexes, I think he is perfect for this position. She tells Virat that he is great in this talent, get this big talent out. Virat says I don’t understand. Basheer asks him to agree, their team will become number one. Virat refuses. Basheer says I also help my mummy at home, just agree and all things will get sorted. Veer also tries to convince him. Arjun says fine, we promise we won’t joke on you. Sultan says we all are with you. Dhara asks Virat…..

Sanjay shows the house to Mihir and says it was told to me on short notice, even then this house is arranged, tell me if you need anything. Mihir says I will rest for sometime, I will call you if needed. Sanjay leaves. Mihir looks around the house and shuts door. He looks outside of window and smiles.

The kids ask Virat not to worry. Dhara asks Virat to come. Virat gets prepared. The guys throw the ball and Virat catches every ball. Mishra says you chose a diamond. Dhara says yes, but all of them convinced Virat, our team is completed now, we will win. She attends a call and goes out. She tells Deepak that its good news. He says you got keeper, who is he. She says Virat, he is very talented, his reflexes are great, but the problem is he has no interest in cricket, we convinced him, but he is not practicing from heart, I will make him develop interest in cricket, he has talent and just needs passion. He asks her to take care of herself. She says I have to leave now, will talk later. She ends call.

Virat says I have to go bakery and leaves. Gaffur blesses Shubhangi. Dhara greets him and gives him water. He thanks Dhara and says its much heat today. She says yes. He says humans have cut jungles and made house and roads, air does not get cool. Dhara says we can sit at home with coolers. He says there is less electricity in summer. Chaurasia comes there and sees them.

Sanjay talks to Mihir and tells about the riots happening in city a lot. He asks why are you noting everything in this diary.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope Mihir does not create problems for Dhara, especially going by the pre-cap.

  2. God get lost Mihir!!!!!

  3. Y do such people exist? like really..(Bt. he is dangerous..I am not worried abt Dhara..bt I am worried abt Shubhangi…she is gullible and innocent. & he may take advantage of dat…d snake…

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