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The Episode starts with Dhara seeing Eden Garden. She tells Mihir that I have seen many matches on tv that happened here. She closes eyes and imagines herself playing there. She cries happily. Mihir gets a call and says I m in Kolkata, there is no match here, and ends call. Dhara goes to him. He says sorry, you were lost in your dream and this phone came on wrong time. She says sorry, you might be bored, lets go. He says I m not cricketer and can’t feel what you are feeling.

She thanks him for giving this world to her. She asks for his phone. She calls Deepak and tells him that she is in Eden Garden. He tells about the famous cricketers and the history. She smiles and says I have made century in my imagination here. Deepak laughs and tells about cricket Lords. He asks her to thank Mihir. Mihir

signs her to see time. Dhara says tell mummy and Baa that I m very happy. Deepak asks for Mihir. Mihir says I will talk later, battery is low. Dhara tells same to Deepak. Deepak says fine and ends call. Dhara checks the battery. She looks at Mihir and says its full. Guard asks them to come, time is up. Dhara leaves from there. Mihir goes after her.

They walk on the road. They board a bus. He says battery was full, I wanted to show you the ground, I wanted you to dream, you looked beautiful, when you were talking to your dad, I felt where am I in these thing, I felt ignored. I think you can’t share that happiness with me, so I got irritated, I m sorry. She holds his hands and thanks him for taking her there. She says why will I ignore you. He says even then, I want to ask you one question, this will clear all my doubts.

He says you have three things in your life, Deepak, cricket and me, I want to know where am I in these three things. Dhara says yes, I love three things, cricket, Papa and then you. She says cricket and Papa are away there, and I m with you here, is this answer enough. He smiles and hugs her.

Mihir and Dhara are in flight. Dhara writes diary and tells Mihir that she is writing diary as marriage and honeymoon happened, its special. He asks her to show it. She says its personal, you can’t see. He asks her to tell it then, what is she writing. She says I m shy, I m writing fav moments of Kolkata. He says I have to see, you are writing about me. She says fine, and writes on separate paper. She asks him to guess. He says simple, you will write about garden stadium. She says read aloud.

He reads what all she wrote about beautiful sights there, but her fav sight was the one when my husband gave 300rs instead 30rs to poor rickshaw man, when the man looked at sky and spoke to Lord, I felt he really saw Lord, that was most beautiful, as my husband gave him that happiness, I love you my husband. He looks at her. They smile. Dhara says I m really proud of you. She asks his fav moment. He says this one. She rests on his shoulder.

Dhara and Mihir reach Mumbai. Mihir takes her to his flat. He gets his mum’s call and says we reached just now, we are going inside house. His mum says there will be rituals of grah pravesh too. Mihir asks Dhara to wait and gets rice in a glass instead kalash. He asks where will I get kumkum now. She tells him, he gets kumkum and adds water. He ends call. He gets that glass and kumkum plate for Dhara. She smiles.

She makes that rice glass fall and steps in kumkum water. She looks around their home and smiles. Mihir gets the bags inside and shuts the door. He looks at Dhara.

Dhara recalls about her divorce and her daughter asks her what happened then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks fr d update ….

  2. Jyotika patel


  3. whats wrong with mihir?he is behaving like mentaly depressed person

  4. Is Dhara divorced… ??? Wt the hell… Again a tragic show !! Dhara is divorced coz she cnt giv up her dream is it?? ??

  5. Oh god i have just read the precap …did mihir give her divorce ??? But why ?????

  6. Heyy guyss
    its so interesting I luv dhara she is jst sprb…

  7. GanonymousGuest

    divorce…. and daughter…?

  8. i thought this one’s better than yhm but now im like :/ …

  9. All serials are the same… I don think there’s going to be positive shows like yeh rishta …
    And Tamanna is nthin different frm d usual tragic show

  10. If u remember in the first promo of the serial, Dharaa was talking about her dreams and at the end of the serial she was looking down at a little girl and holding her hand. Maybe now the actual serial started… the story so far might be just intro to the characters.

  11. Dhara and Mihir looking very beautiful together…better than many other couples in daily soaps..I hope this serial shows some positivity and dont break the relation between them

  12. Hii friends i am new in this grp can i join??

  13. Dhara & Mihir reached Mumbai After Honeymoon,Dhara entire the house first time, in the next precap itself Dhara recalls her Divorce….audience are confused …..

  14. Dhara & Mihir reached Mumbai After Honeymoon,Dhara entire the house first time, in the next precap itself Dhara recalls her Divorce….

  15. the precap was
    the house is full messed things fallen dhara is crying and the voice from behind are what is the use of keeping a marriage without sole other voice but body is there
    then a girl comes and ask dhara what happened ma she replies earth quake came

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  17. I Thought it would be nice like Everest but it’s disappointing

  18. This serial is another disappointment… Another daily soap with negative vibes… Hectic yaar….
    ? an hi … I’m new to dis grp…

    1. Hi Kri..

  19. Yes Sanjana you are right. Everest only focused on it’s original track ,i.e. how Anjali fulfilled her and her father’s dreams. But don’t lose hope from Tamanna they will come up with somethng or the other. By the way can I join your group? I have seen you , diya ,WW, nidhi , mahe and all others in siya ke ram updates which I watch daily as I like Indian Mythology and History a lot. Hope you guys/girls make me a part of your group. Waiting for ur ans. 🙂

  20. Ok one second you can recognise me in some updates , my before name was anjali . Actually above I have written about Anjali(from EVEREST) thats why I had changed my name but after this I won’t change.

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