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The Episode starts with the kids coming back to take bags. Dhara smiles. They all leave taking something else. Next day, Dhara is on the way and recalls what all happened. The parents complain to Pitambar about Dhara, and say that taking kids for lunch in her area is wrong, the riots can happen, we wish to complain about her, this school is experimenting on our kids, suspend Dhara. Pitambar asks them to calm down, Dhara is a mother, she knows to keep kids safe. The man says she is doing wrong with our kids, you have to take action against her. Dhara comes there. The muslim lady says she has come, she is root of all problems. Pitambar asks Dhara to go. Dhara says let them say, its their right, I felt people here don’t know to object, I m glad seeing you all.

Dhara answers them and asks what did kids

do, is it a crime to dine together, what happens in curfew, do you count the loss of studies and the days when school stays shut in curfew days, what kids learn by life, they realize whats right and wrong, they become a good person, its my duty to teach this to my students, you all should support me. The man says we will decide what is right for our kids, you are coach, just be coach, no need to do anything. The students talk about the incident and laugh joking.

Arjun says we stayed hungry all day but it was fun. Sultan says I played well. Veer says Sanjay takes care of me well, but sometimes he gets angry, I manage him then. The guys bond well. Sultan says I would have got chocolate for Imran. Mishra comes and they all greet him. Mishra says Dhara is right, she says childhood needs laughter and fun, you guys used to fight, and today you are best friends, I wish no one’s bad sight catches you, don’t worry if your parents came to complain. The guys worry for Dhara. Mishra says your parents don’t have problem with Dhara, but her thinking, as she thinks different, people don’t accept the one who thinks different. Sultan says Dhara is a tigress. They laugh.

Dhara argues with the parents and asks them to object to bad things, not good things, kids fight in game, but don’t create riots, don’t hold them responsible for riots, this happens because of your mentality, are you scared of love and kids’ laughter. She asks Pitambar to take action against her, her thinking and coaching will go on same say. Dhara says I m glad seeing parents here, atleast they came here to school. She says its good you objected, you have courage, but just need sense. Baig looks on. Dhara says kids are waiting for me on ground and goes to them.

The students apologize to Dhara from their parents’ side. Dhara says nothing happened, smile now, come on pitch. She says you all learnt to stay together to make a good team, now we will do division to play as per our strength, till then we can’t play better. She explains them. She says we need five bowlers, five batsmen and one wicket keeper to make a good team, you will play and I will see your plus and minus points to see who play well and how. They all agree.

Baig explains the muslim parents and asks them to come and see their kids once. The parents go on ground and see the kids. Dhara and Mishra look on. the man throws the ball.

Dhara catches the ball and smiles seeing all parents supporting her. The kids run to their parents and hug them. Everyone smile. Later, Dhara tells the kids that some of them are pure bowlers, batsmen and all rounders, but we need wicket keeper. Sultan says I will do it, I can do anything for my team. Dhara says lets see, and makes Sultan mock play. She throws ball and checks his wicket keeping skills. Sultan misses. She looks on.

Verma talks to Sanjay and asks him to pick up an imp person. Sanjay gets Mihir’s pic and checks it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aa gaya kaminaa..i wud kill sanjay if he plans sumthin against Dhara wid dat Mihir…pata nahi mihir kamina marta kyun nahi..

  2. I like this track is nice
    Dhara ka performance was superb

  3. Nice episode. I don’t think Sanjay can harm Dhara by joining with mihir. I like the way the drama is turning with yet another thrill.

    1. I wish too..bt lets c..& I am worried for shubhangi too…:(..she is just a small innocent bacha..

  4. hey guys sanjay is the male protagonist. although he is of orthodox thinking,yet he is nice at heart.he would save dhara from mihir.

  5. Ugh!!!! Mihir makes me sick!! I hope Sanjay realizes what a bad guy Mihir is and scares him out of town!

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