Tamanna 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara being worried. Mridula says everyone is tensed and thinking same, situation is getting fine now. Dhara says you should talk and think positive things now. Mridula says riots got less now, we should live fearless. Dhara says you are saying right, I feel light talking to you. Mridula says I will go home. Sanjay is on the way and reaches some lane to meet Salamat. He thinks why did Salamat not come till now. Gaffur crawls and comes there. Sanjay asks who is there. He gets shocked seeing Gaffur stabbed and asks what happened to him. He asks who did this, tell me, don’t worry, I have come, keep eyes open, are you listening, look at me.

Sanjay looks for water. He calls out for help. Salamat comes and gets shocked. He asks Sanjay what did you do, you hate our people and have

stabbed Gaffur. Sanjay says we will argue later, we have to take him to hospital, I swear on Lord, I did not do anything, you called me here, when I reached here, I have seen Gaffur here. The men ask Salamat not to trust Sanjay, we will kill him. Sanjay says do anything with me, but later, first take Gaffur to hospital, Salamat you called me and trusted me, just listen to me, Gaffur needs doctor, and you all, I request you all to let me take Gaffur to hospital, I promise I will give myself to you all, I m not lying Salamat.

Gaffur tells Salamat something. Mridula comes to Dhara’s home crying. Dhara asks what happened. She makes Mridula sit. Mridula says its paining a lot, take me to hospital. Dhara asks her to take a deep breath, nothing will happen to you. Shubhangi and Veer get scared seeing Mridula in labor pains. Mridula says Sameer’s phone is not connecting. Dhaara calls Sanjay and says its not connecting. She makes Mridula have water. Mridula says I don’t want to lose my baby, save my baby. Dhaa says I won’t let anything happen to you and baby, trust me, take deep breath, calm down. Mridula asks her to do something soon. Dhara calls rickshaw driver and asks him to reach her home soon.

Salamat stops the men and says no one will touch Sanjay, we have less time, we have to take Gaffur to hospital, get the car. Sanjay and Salamat take Gaffur to hospital. The man says we will not leave them and fumes. Sanjay asks Salamat to drive fast. Salamat sees the men coming with sticks and fire torch. He takes the car reverse. The people fight.

Dhara takes Mridula in the rickshaw. Dhara asks Veer to take care of Shubhangi and lock the door, I will come back soon. Dhara sees the fire on the way and asks Mridula not to worry. They see the men creating riots. The man asks them to stop and they all come to attack. Dhara rushes to secure Mridula. She takes a firetorch and stops the crowd. She sends Mridula with the driver, and asks the crowd to allow them to go, Mridula is in pain, she need to reach hospital. The men try to attack. Other group comes and both groups fight. Dhara goes to Mridula and asks her not to worry, we will reach hospital. She asks driver to be with Mridula, I will come back soon, don’t lose courage.

Sanjay and Salamat ask doctor to treat Gaffur. Salamat says its imp to save Gaffur. Sanjay asks doctor to think if his father was in Gaffur’s place, save his life, I request. Doctor agrees and takes Gaffur to OT. They wait outside. Salamat says we can just pray. Sanjay says I should call Dhara, where is my phone. He borrows Salamat’s phone and calls Dhara. Call does not connect. Dhara runs to seek help from that locality people. No one helps.

Driver takes Mridula to someone’s home. The muslim lady says I can’t deliver a hindu lady’s child, I can’t do this. Dhara gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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