Tamanna 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara and her family coming to temple. Baa sees the pandit sleeping and hearing song on radio. She rings the bell. Pandit wakes up and says there was no one, so I slept, people don’t have time to come every day. Baa says Lord kept our respect yesterday and gives sweets to keep near idol. Pandit talks about the sweetmakers. Deepak says pandit does not like sweets and naming it on Hanuman Dada. Dhara laughs.

They all pray. Pandit asks Baa what mistakes they did. Baa says Dhara said she plays cricket to the guy, and even then guy said yes. Pandit asks Lord to accept silver coconut. Saroj says we will bring gold coconut if marriage happens well. Pandit asks them to close eyes and forward hands to get Prasad from Lord. He gives them Prasad. Baa asks Deepak to give Dakshina.

Dhara intentionally leaves her bag there. They all come out. Dhara says I forgot my bag and goes to see. Pandit eats sweets. Dhara smiles and says I hit wrong shot yesterday and was selected, I want to give this ball. Pandit tells this to Lord. Dhara says I was tensed seeing Baa and hit wrong shot as I lost my concentration. Pandit asks what, tell it directly. Dhara tells Lord and says Baa and I are happy, we are happy, thanks for everything. She leaves and sees Baa there.

Pitti comes running. Baa asks Dhara are you thinking guy’s family will let you play cricket after marriage, it won’t happen. She asks Deepak to explain Dhara. Pitti comes and says Kaka, he is coming…. Deepak asks who. Deepak rushes the car and stops in traffic. He asks Dhara and Pitti to run, and leaves his car on the way. Baa asks how did you leave car on the road.

Deepak and Dhara come home running and meet selector. The selector says its good you got late, I got chance to see your home. He cracks jokes and says Dhara played well, I came to say this. Deepak asks Dhara to touch his feet. Selector says we are cricketer, we don’t touch feet. Baa and Saroj come home after them. Deepak introduces them. Selector says I should touch Baa’s feet, I came to meet you. Baa asks what did I do. Selector says you gave birth to your son, who gave birth to his daughter. Baa says what to say a guest now. Baa talks to him rudely. Deepak asks selector not to feel bad of Baa’s words. Ganpath praises Selector Sir. Deepak says Dhara played so bad and the team lost, how did you select her. Selector says I m selector and know how to find talent, I saw people cheering for her, she is crowd puller. He tells about cricket camp, there will be girls coming from across the country. He gives her the invitation. Deepak is glad.

Baa talks straight, and says sorry, Dhara can’t come, Dhara marriage is fixed. Selector says great, from where is the guy. Baa says he is from Rajkot and stays in Mumbai. Selector says it means he is from Mumbai. Baa says I understand your meaning, but she won’t play cricket now. Selector says marriage did not happen yet, let her attend 15 day camp. Baa says guy’s family will decide it. Selector suggests her to ask the guy. Baa says I know their answer, we always allowed her, but now I can’t let her play cricket. She asks him to have sweets. Ganpath praises the sweets. Selector says great, I should touch your feet now, you are annoyed, else I would have kissed your hand. She says I m not annoyed, you are big guy and got nice invitation, but sorry we can’t accept it. He says fine, you are elder and I agree to you. I will take these sweets for my friends, and Deepak goes to leave selector till the exit.

Selector says I m related to women cricket team since 20 years and I have seen many girls’ dreams breaking by their marriage, I regret about that, Baa is also right that such guy can’t be found again, but I feel such time to play cricket won’t come again, I can’t tell Baa to let Dhara make her career, so we should try to find any midway. Deepak says I m also thinking the same. Selector says you talk to the guy, he stays in Mumbai, he is literate and would be modern, what is wrong to talk to him.

Selector says I will wait for Dhara in camp, if she does not come, then all the best for your marriage. He leaves. Deepak asks Baa to let him try once. Baa says I know answer, I will be glad if I m proved wrong, you try. Deepak calls Mihir and puts it on speaker. He tells about Dhara’s cricket. He says she plays serious cricket, we want her to continue playing after marriage, so we wanted to… Mihir says I understand, but elders take this decision in our house, hold on. He goes and gives the call to his mother. Baa says he has good values. Saroj talks to Mihir’s mum and asks her about Dhara’s cricket.

His mum says we stay in Rajkot and Mihir stays in Mumbai, we expect the girl to manage his house well, we liked the girl, engagement did not happen, you are also right, you have your own mindset and we have our own. Saroj says yes right. His mum says so think well and answer us. She ends call. Mihir looks on. Dhara and Deepak worry.

Dhara is angry and reminds Deepak about under 13 cricket selection. She says how can any guy decide about her cricket future. Deepak gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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