Tamanna 3rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ajay telling Nandita about Mihir’s lies. FB shows those moments when Mihir showed his true side. Mihir’s lawyer asks Ajay why did he support Mihir in his lies, what happened today, how are you speaking truth. Ajay says I worked under Mihir, I lied a lot. I did not know I will be caught for the lies, he taught me to lie, but he could not become good teacher to make me lie when its about someone’s life. Mihir says yes, now he works under someone else, so he will say this. Nandita says exactly, I wanted Mihir to say this, Dhara has bear his lies, she could not bear his doubts, he pointed on her character. She tells about Mihir impressing Diwakar and getting him home, he doubted on Diwakar and then on Dhara.

Dhara recalls Mihir’s words. Nandita gives the DNA report, which

Dhara got to shut Mihir’s mouth. The judge asks Mihir did you say this. Mihir says yes, I was angry, but then I apologized. Dhara says yes he did apologized, but I decided that I want divorce after this bad blame, my decision was final when he checked DNA report first and then apologized, I can’t stay with him now.

Mihir’s lawyer asks for compromise. Nandita says now they have no other way to say. Judge says we have to give some time. Dhara requests that case ends soon, she wants to start her life fresh, marriages are done so soon, its wrong that divorce takes lots of time, many lives got ruined because of this, its society and system’s mistake, I want to live a good life, I m 28 years old, I can do a lot even now, I have many dreams in my heart, I have passion and talent, I want to start a new life soon, please, it’s a request.

Judge says Nandita, you know I m abided by the law, if there is no violence, case can’t end so soon. Nandita says there is violence too. Mihir’s lawyer looks at Mihir. Nandita says I did not think we will need this, but we have a video. The video is played in the court. Judge sees Mihir hurting Dhara and pushing her. Dhara cries. Mihir gets tensed. Mihir’s lawyer holds his head. The judge stamps on the papers.

Next morning, Dhara prays alongwith her family. She says I m feeling good now, I have become Dhara Solanki, I know divorce and all are dangerous words for Baa, but still you supported me. Baa says we did this right. Saroj says you feel happy and free, then we all are happy too. Deepak says yes, don’t talk about divorce, this bad dream ended, make a new start now.

Lavanya gets the sweets and asks them to take it along with them. She says this house looks like home now, you did a lot for me, you gave me my family. Dhara asks Baa about their tickets. Deepak says yes, we got the tickets. Deepak and Baa argue and joke. They laugh. Dhara tells Deepak that she is not coming with them. They get shocked and ask Dhara what is she saying. Dhara says I thought a lot at night, I m not coming with you, if I come there, then match will end, I don’t want to spend my life with my parents and sit like a divorcee, I have decided to play cricket, let me do batting, I want to do batting. Deepak says life is long. Baa says she did not get out, we should be happy, we can see life ahead of divorce, she has courage to fight, she will win, we know Dhara will make her identity. Dhara smiles. They happily cry. Deepak asks Lavanya to get sweets. Dhara calls Roy and says I m not going back, I don’t know what to do, coach me one more time, thanks. Dhara says I will do batting and then decide what to do, Roy is coming, I will see Shubhangi and come.

Shubhangi cleans the spider webs. Dhara smiles. Shubhangi says I want spider to bite me, then I can become spiderman, it was such in movie. Dhara laughs and hugs her. Roy comes there. Dhara tells him that she wants to do some work. Roy asks her to do such work which she knows or if she has any talent. She says cricket…. He smiles. Dhara says I will never forget cricket, but its 4 years now, its not possible that I can play now. Roy and Deepak throw glasses and she catches. She asks what are they doing. They smile and says the thing which people are crazy about is your talent, you can’t forget it.

Roy tells Dhara about teaching cricket in some school.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhara is so strong. Every woman should be so much strong and firm on their decision.

  2. I am so happy because dhara is a free bird now

  3. Finaly a relifed episode… proud of thoes womens like Dhara. Keep going. Dont stop u r self.

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Now show is getting more and more interesting…..

  5. This is probably the first time Bollywood has not dragged on their serials toally unnecessary and trivial anecdotes. A geeat serial, great acting and very good direction.. Kudos to you all those involved in producing this excellent serial with a message. Look forward to seeing future episodes too.

  6. Well done dhara.

  7. Can someone tell me who is going to be the male lead since dhara divorced and Mihir didn’t even like he was faking

  8. I got tears in my eyes seeing the convo between dhara & baa.usually when girls want divorce,grandparents or any elderly people oppose it the most.they think its stupidity.but just bcoz u did adjustments in ur whole life doesnt mean ur children should do the same.hats off to people who stand firmly with their children in this difficult stage.

  9. Really it is good serial. It gives enthusiasm to women going through such situations

  10. Proud of women like Dhara . India needs more of them .

  11. Dhara is a rolemodel…….. for me….. love this serial…… hope many people would comment here……

    1. Yes Ahana I also hope so this show is very good and also relatable and realistic, I like to watch this show

  12. now tammana in story will move ahead in Meerut i m so interested in watching the track now becoz meerut is my home toen

  13. I m really happy she got divorce soon. Otherwise in some seriels dey wud hav stretched it a lot . But let’s see now Wat nxt?? Hoping d best nd mihir shouldn’t interfere now which I m sure he will do by taking shubangi wid him.

  14. Sab ne tamanna ki naya promo dekha. Kuch naya dekhne ko mila. Acha laga yeh soch dekhkar ki ek ourath ka divoce ke baad bhi sindagi hey, our yeh sab ko yaad dilane ke liye bhi. ???

  15. this serial is so close to my heart. I am a woman going through divorce after a marriage of 10 years with 2 girls. I had a very controlling husband and a manipulator and it is so torturous. i always knew i did not belong, but took a long time to muster up the courage and i even had to go against the good advice of my own people and to convince them that i will take this stand irrespective of that. I can relate to Dhara so much. Even her daughters will learn to be strong. I appreciate the team to keep making such motivating serials and episodes and keep inspiring more people.

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