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The Episode starts with Mihir saying anything can happen here like power failure, get Dhara or get written by them. Doctor asks do you know about consent written by patient’s family, I don’t make anyone sign consent form, but if you take Dhara without my permission, if anything happens to her, then remember I will file such case that you will get rotten in jail, you are husband, not a doctor. He says sorry, I don’t talk rude, I have pressures, I m a good doctor, I know my job, I will try my best, okay. Mihir says okay. Doctor says if I knew, I would have spoken in English before. He goes and operates Dhara with the help of a female gynac. Everyone wait outside.

The operation ends and baby is kept in incubator. Mihir tries asking doctor. Doctor goes to Deepak and holds him, saying it’s a

daughter, both are fine. Deepak cries happily. Baa, Saroj and Deepak get glad and go to see the baby. Mihir looks on. Baa and Saroj cry seeing the baby. Doctor says thank Lord Dhara and baby are fine.

Deepak sits by Dhara’s side. He wakes up Dhara and tells about her daughter. Dhara sees Mihir. She asks where is my daughter. Deepak sees the baby and says she is very small, how… Doctor says we saved her, you grow her up. Deepak asks when can Dhara see her. Doctor says let her get well conscious. Deepak says my Dhara’s daughter. He goes to Dhara and asks her to see baby tomorrow, not now. She sleeps.

Next day, Dhara is taken by her family to the baby care unit. She sees Mihir and doctor with the baby. Dhara cries seeing the baby and asks her to come out of incubator soon, she will not let her get trapped ever. Shubhangi gets 5 years old and Dhara sees her and Mihir’s pic. FB ends. Dhara tells Nandita that Shubhangi was seeing the walls forming between me and Mihir. Dhara tells about Shubhangi. FB shows Dhara telling Shubhangi about boy and girls toys, there is difference, girls should be free like boys. She hugs Shubhangi and laughs telling about girl’s freedom, girls can do everything what boys do. Shubhangi says but not this magic cube. Dhara says I also don’t know, its puzzle, you keep trying till you get the way. Shubhangi tries. Dhara says life was also like puzzle for me, I chose the way, I decided my focus will be just on Shubhangi.

Dhara sleeps with Shubhangi. She says I stopped thinking about Mihir, we spoke less and just about Shubhangi. He asks her to sign on school admission form. She asks why new school. He says I chose the school, its nice. She says its girls school. He says so what, girls from rich families go there, its one of the best school, do you have any problem. She says no, but whats the problem in current school, don’t worry, Shubhangi has no interest in cricket. He says culture is also here in this new school, you will know the difference when Shubhangi studies there. They both argue and she says she will not sign on the papers. He asks what to do now. She says you could not convince me. He says its better school. She says it can be worse too, she settled in the house, she is getting a good environment there. She calls Shubhangi. He says she will be at your best friend Lavanya’s house. Dhara says yes Lavanya is my best friend, she does not agree to wrong things. Shubhangi comes and says she will go to same school. Dhara says decision is taken, and sends Shubhangi. She tears the papers after keeping her point clear. He looks on. FB ends. Dhara says we had fights and problems, there was nothing like relation, still he has sight on same thing. She sees Diwakar passing by. Mihir looks at Diwakar and gets angry. Dhara looks at him.

Mihir throws the things and asks Dhara since when is she going on, I know Diwakar and you well. She asks him not to say nonsense. He says I doubt is this my daughter or not, is this Diwakar’s daughter. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is bakwasss

  2. What bakwaas.many women in our society live the life only for their kids though they dont have any hope from life.

  3. This is quite different & nice show.much better than the sas bahu & black magic dramas.we need more of such shows on television which really reflect our society & focus on major issues.hope they dnt drag this unnecessarily & dnt loose the plot.great acting by all the actors.

  4. Agreed with anu r and vaishali. Nice serial

  5. This is not bakwaas but reality indeed…
    1 of d great show, tamanna..

  6. Great acting however Dharaa’s response is always epic

  7. This is one of the best serials airing. It shows reality. Kudos

  8. ahana (eisha)

    Best serial ever

  9. They have not given importance to other things like make up& dress and all but focused on reality.

  10. Sorry but this is not Wht I expected

  11. Really nice serial.

  12. Life me jo expect kare vo hi hamesha nahi milta life gives us things beyond our expectations.

  13. It’s a nice show and the reality plus Dhara’s acting is awesome , the way writers portraying dhara is really awesome. Hats off team TAMANNA

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