Tamanna 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara worrying and thinking who can send the note. She asks Mridula not to worry and go home. Some men catch Basheer and slap him. Basheer falls down. He gets scared seeing the men with sticks. He tries to run away. They catch Basheer and beat him a lot. Dhara says I should have gone with Basheer, it would be good if I go and drop him home. Shubhangi wakes up and comes to Dhara, saying I m feeling scared, come with me. Dhara goes with Shubhangi.

Basheer gets much wounded. The men start leaving. Basheer calls them out. The men sstop. Basheer falls down and faints. They smile and leave.

Its morning, police comes to Dhara’s house. She asks whats the matter. He asks why did you call Basheer here in hindu area at night, you know situation and risked his life, we got this

letter from him. She asks whats the matter, where is Basheer. He says some goons have badly beaten him, his state is very bad, I think you won’t survive. She gets shocked. Mridula comes and asks Dhara why did police come. Dhara says I was afraid for this, someone has badly beaten Basheer, I told you something is fishy, I asked him not to go, he did not agree. She cries. Inspector says this is because of your foolishness, you called him here, don’t know how many people will die now. She says I did not write this letter, I was shocked seeing him here, I told him to stay here and we will go to school together in morning, but he did not agree.

Mridula says I was here at that time, Dhara is saying right, Basheer said his mum will be waiting at home, so we allowed him to go, this letter is someone’s plan, Dhara did not write this letter. Inspector says we will find out who wrote this letter, till we take Basheer’s statement, Dhara can’t leave this city, be alert for yourself and others, you do anything and something happens in city, sit at home with peace, don’t try to become hero, think this is advice and command. She asks how is Basheer, where is he. He says city hospital, he is in very bad state, he may not survive. Police leaves. Dhara says I will go hospital. Mridula stops her and says don’t go now, I will call Sameer, go with him. Dhara says I don’t have time, be with Shubhangi. Dhara runs.

Sameer comes and sees Dhara hurriedly leaving. He asks Mridula where did Dhara go. Mridula tells everything. Dhara calls Sanjay and asks where are you. He asks why do you sound worried, is everything fine. She says someone called Basheer in our area and with all planning, they have beaten him badly. He says I was scared for this, be at home, I m coming there. She says I m not at home, I m going to see Basheer at hospital. He rushes to meet Dhara. Dhara takes an auto and leaves for hospital. Salamat and his goons stop the auto. The auto driver says this way is not safe. She says nothing will happen, drive ahead.

Salamat sees Dhara in the auto and asks his men to come. He catches driver. Driver says spare me. Salamat says Dhara got Basheer beaten up and slaps the driver. The driver runs away. Salamat asks Dhara to come out. Basheer’s mum goes to see him at the hospital. Nurse says your son is in OT, we can’t say anything as there is much blood loss. His mum cries and says I want to see him once. Doctor says I have seen his reports, his bones got broken, he has much internal injury, you wait here.

Salamat says we don’t touch stranger women, come out. They all move the auto. Dhara says I did not do anything, Basheer is like my kid, trust me. They blame Dhara and ask her to come out.

Dhara cries. They pierce the swords through the auto roof. She asks them to leave her. They ask her to come out and tear the auto roof. She requests them to leave her. Salamat sees a fire torch. She gets scared seeing the fire. Salamat asks her to come out, else I will burn you alive here.

Sanjay comes there and shoots in air. He asks all of them to back off. He asks Dhara to come out fast. Dhara runs to Sanjay. Sanjay asks them to move back. Dhara says its imp for them to know I did not do anything. Sanjay says this is not time to explain, they can do anything. Sanjay and Dhara run away.

The men follow them. The fire catches and dense fumes spread. Verma sends his men to create riots. Verma calls Bhai ji and says leave all worries now, Dhara has become the target of everyone, they all hate her, you have clever mind, your plan succeeded, even if Basheer gets saved, no one can save Dhara. Bhai ji says if Basheer died, Dhara would have prove herself innocent, do something of Dhara soon. He laughs.

Izhar sees Basheer, and tells his mum about Basheer and other side people, who is reason of this, Dhara is responsible for this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The scene in d auto was a big shit.
    She used to Tlk so much bravery n all way happened to her today.nonsense

    1. Ash it is justified as dharaa didn’t know what they could do to her…jut hurt her, take photos of her naked and post it online or even rape her…

  2. Bad bad bad,don’t know why the good people have to suffer always.. Basheer be safe and Dhara fight them all with Sanjay.
    These politicians are really demons in disguise of human who make humanity ashame by such disgusting works.

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