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The Episode starts with parents getting angry and arguing with Pitambar about Dhara taking kids to her home for lunch, if anything wrong happens, who will pay for the loss. Pitambar assures nothing will happen to kids. The parents warn that they will drag all of them to court if anything happens to kids. Kids play outside Dhara’s house. Gaffur comes and sees the kids. He thanks Lord.

Dhara makes snacks for kids and tells Mridula that the kids will be very hungry. They cook together. Sanjay comes there and sees the kids. He asks whats happening here…… and stops them. He says I will show how to do batting. He asks Arjun to throw ball. Arjun says fine, I will out you today. Sanjay asks them to do fielding. Arjun bowls. Sanjay does batting well. He gets out and asks why are they happy. The guy says

catches make us win matches. Sanjay says you took my catch and made them win. The guy says catch is for team, bowler does not win, team wins, team means playing together. Sanjay says fine, you all are playing well, how did you learn this. Basheer says coach madam taught us. Sanjay asks your coach, this Dhara Solanki, her name is Dhara, it means she is of our Dharm, she is not your coach.

Dhara comes there and asks the kids to come and have snacks. Arjun says wait, first come here. She asks what happened. Basheer asks what are you for us. She says coach. He asks whose coach are you, hindus or muslims. She looks at Sanjay and says I m coach….. my Dharm is coaching, you are my students and I m just your coach, teaching cricket is my Dharm, understood. Aamir says if anyone ask us about your name, what shall we say, your name is Dhara, you are hindu, if we say your name in our area, they will react same as Sanjay. Dhara asks Aamir to remove all this from their mind, if they have problem with her name, its fine, we can come close without my name, if name is necessary, my name is not Dhara Solanki, I m Tamanna from today, such name is not hindu or muslim, just Tamanna.

The guy says its good name. Sultan says we will be more confused and they laugh. She smiles and says fine, is this done now, come now. Dhara takes bat from Sanjay and goes with the kids. Sanjay looks on.

The muslim kids’ parents come there and ask them what are they doing, come with us. Dhara stops them and says let kids eat well, they did not eat anything. Sanjay comes and says this place is not yours, leave from our area with your kids. The man says we are not interested to leave. Dhara says let them eat, they will leave. Sanjay argues and asks the muslim women to leave. The muslim man argues. Sanjay gets angry on him. Baig stops Sanjay. The muslim man says they called us here to insult us. Sanjay says its our right here, I will not leave anyone if you say a word. The man asks him to touch the kids and show. Sanjay pushes the man. Dhara stops Sanjay.

The lady argues with Dhara and asks Aamir to see how he forgot the truth. Dhara asks do you want to take life and shed blood, who will kill me, tell me. Sanjay asks her to stop the drama, our fight will be done later, I will end this story. She says kill me, I m standing infront of you, come. She gets angry. Sanjay looks at her. Aamir and everyone come ahead of Dhara to protect her. Baig asks Sanjay and everyone to learn from kids, maintain peace. Dhara asks the kids to move back. She tells their parents to let them have food and they will go home. The man takes his son and goes. She gets sad.

The kids say we will dine together, and will be hungry together. Everyone leave. Dhara cries and says how much I try, I can’t win over this situation. Mridula consoles her. Dhara says I had small wish to make them dine together, what is kids’ mistake in this. Baig says this is not your failure, its failure of humanity, you won in kids’ eyes, the one who left were scared seeing your victory, you are Tamanna.

The kids play in the ground. Their parents come even there. Dhara looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Tamanna don’t give up can’t wait for the match and the team wins.nice seeing the kids trying to protect their coach.

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