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The Episode starts with Mihir saying we will walk, as lane is narrow. He asks an old man to lift the bags. Dhara feels bad and says I will take this bag. Mihir smiles and says I will take it. she sees some sculptures and asks where are we going. He says an old house of my friend, if you don’t like it, we will stay in hotel. They reach the house. Mihir asks her to come, he has to show her something. He shows the howrah bridge. He asks how are you feeling now, you would feel I got you in dark house, but now… She says its beautiful and laughs talking to him.

Later, Dhara gives him tea. He helps her in unpacking her bag. He removes his shirt to change. He holds Dhara close and compliments her beauty. He pulls her close to kiss. She goes away and gets tensed. He smiles. She gets shy. She keeps water

bucket to fill, and starts tap. It showers, and she screams. Mihir hears her and rushes to her. They get under the shower and romance. Dhara goes.

They get ready and go out. He asks where to go. She says anywhere you say. He holds her and says I wish to sit at home. He flirts with her. She runs being shy. He asks her to stop. She stops and looks for him. She gets tensed on not finding him. He comes and she hugs him being tensed. They smile. Mihir asks an old man to drive rickshaw by hand. Dhara says I can’t sit, a human will look as animal. Mihir sits and asks her to come. She sits unwillingly and feels bad for the old man. Mihir says even I don’t like, what can we do, its his work, Lord wrote his fate, if everyone show pity, he will die hungry. He tells her a story of some rickshaw man with bleeding feet, and how Mihir turned teary eyed. He says that man said he pulls rickshaw by his stomach and hunger, what can we do if we feel bad, its their earning. Dhara says I wish to ask this man to beg than doing this work. Mihir says he did not beg, we should respect that.

They reach the place. Mihir asks the fare. The man says 30 rs. Mihir gives him 300rs. Dhara looks at him. The old man gets glad. Mihir says see the amount is so small and we are seeing such great sight of making someone happy, I always do this, I pay 10 times extra. Dhara smiles seeing Mihir. He holds her hand. They go for boating and live the moments. They do some shopping.

Later at night, Dhara gets dressed in western gown. She comes to Mihir. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Tu nazar chura rahi hai………….plays…………. He holds her hand and stops her from going. Mihir kisses on her forehead. He gets close to her and she smiles. They dance and he lifts her in arms, standing between beautiful candles. They consummate their marriage.

Dhara asks Mihir why did he say she has to be careful, as she is not an athlete. Mihir surprises Dhara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel something mysterious about mihir. Definitely a twist is gonna come.

  2. 1st time in serials history they have shown a perfect normal marriage.
    There wise it’s always saas bahu fights.

  3. 1st time in serials history they have shown a perfect normal marriage.
    There wise it’s always saas bahu fights.And the leads takE more than 2 years to consummate their marriage.

  4. This is only for the second time I have seen a couple consummate their marriage in their honeymoon. First time was main naa bhoolungi which was a perfect revenge drama. The protagonist got married only because he wanted a kid from her. But I m lovkng mihir and Dhaara. So what to call them?? Miraa/Mihiraa????

  5. The thing I like about this show the most is no dragging at all

  6. I agreed to fatarajo. Also with tamanna mihir is mysterious. Hope they not change real track.

  7. Dont create any mysterious story about Mihir..they are looking a very cute couple…..Let him be a loving husband throughout the story

  8. Today’s episode was really good. I hope they don’t drag or change the track of the show.

  9. Yes. Sometimes Mihir behaves strange. But both are superb actors and are very good looking too.

  10. Tamana was quite simple. Nice Episode Today.

  11. i have doubt on mihir behaviour wait an see

  12. I dont like this guy mihir

  13. very nice episode

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