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The Episode starts with everyone seeing the breaking news of the riots in Bulandgunj. They all are sad. After few months, milk man comes to give milk at Dhara’s house. He says I heard everything will be fine in some days. She says its good news. Mridula comes and takes milk. She tells Dhara that Sameer is going to market, give him list, he will get items. Dhara says I will get list. Mridula goes. The curfew ends in the city and shops open.

Gaffur comes to meet Dhara and Shubhangi. Dhara asks Shubhangi to let Gaffur sit. He says let her do mischief, she is innocent. Dhara says I m glad seeing you here in our area, you are an example of humanity. Gaffur gifts Shubhangi. Dhara gets tea for him. He says I did not make any property, I earned love and respect, I m happy to have relations with you all.

He says I made a doll for Shubhangi. Shubhangi likes sit. Dhara thanks it and says its said that we should not thank elders, but take their blessings. She touches his feet. He blesses her. She asks him to have tea. Gaffur goes and meets Veer and Sanjay. Sanjay greets and hugs Gaffur. Bhai ji looks on. Gaffur gets emotional and blesses Sanjay. He says I pray that there is always peace and unity here. Sanjay says I wish that too. Gaffur goes. Bhai ji leaves.

Salamat hears Izhar telling his goons to create riots, if there is peace in the city, it will be our failure, people will forget but what will we do, I will not let there be peace between both communities, they will always be our enemy, we don’t have to let this fire end, Basheer got saved, but this man we have to kill such man that raises the riots, he is loved by both religions, we will kill him and then we will see how both communities unite, his death will become memorable for him. Salamat hears everything and goes angrily.

Mridula laughs and tells Dhara about baby’s kick. Dhara calls Shubhangi and asks her to feel the baby kick. Shubhangi asks will baby come today. Mridula says not today, but soon. Dhara says its good situation got better now, else it was tough for you to go hospital, Basheer’s mum called and said Basheer had food on his own today. Mridula says its good.

Sanjay and Veer come and meet Dhara. Sanjay gets some call and goes out. Salamat tells Sanjay that I m Salamat Khan, I have to meet you, its imp. Sanjay asks why do you want to meet me. Salamat says I can’t tell you on phone, I want to meet you, someone’s life is in risk, I will call you again, just meet me, its very imp. Sanjay says fine, but we will meet in the lane between our areas. Salamat says fine and ends call. Dhara hears Sanjay and asks who was it. Sanjay says Salamat Khan. Some people follow Gaffur at night. Gaffur runs away and tries to save himself. A muslim guy finds him and asks him who were they. Gaffur says I don’t know. The guy asks him to keep the knife, you will need this. Gaffur says I don’t need. The guy says how will you not need this and stabs Gaffur. Gaffur reads the Kalma and faints.

Dhara talks to Sanjay. Sanjay leaves to meet Salamt. The muslims guys throw Gaffur’s body in hindu’s area so that blame should come on hindus. They see Gaffur is still alive. The man says he will die on his own, come fast, leave him. They all leave.

Sanjay asks Gaffur to look at him. Salamat comes and asks what did you do. Sanjay says I did not do anything. Gaffur tries telling something to Salamat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. They brutally killed that old man… people commit heinous crimes and get saved, I hope this serial becomes a message and all the wrong doers should get a punishment….

    1. I totally agree with you Tanvi

  2. God the writers have just gone mad…

    Nitice for Ending the serial has given a shock to them maybe that’s why they are writing just anything….

    Not alall happy with the twists of Tamanna and Dehleez 🙁

  3. Noooo 🙁 please keep him alive

    1. He is alive

  4. Dharma will stand up in elections and win and there will be peace between the city and it will come to a end

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