Tamanna 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with selector laughing seeing Dhara in slippers. Dhara wears the shoes and says selector will know who I m. Dhara goes to do batting. Everyone clap for her. Her fans cheer for her. The selector looks on, as Dhara goes to bat. Dhara starts talking to the girl/co-player, and asks her to run on the last ball. She says guy has come to see me. The girl asks how was the guy. Dhara says stop it silly, and goes. She does not play well. Selector asks is this your star. The man gives him special paan. Dhara starts batting well.

Baa throws utensils on Deepak and scolds him. She says it was decided that we won’t say about cricket. Deepak says but Dhara met them well. Baa says I will go to stadium and scold Dhara, start scooter. He says Dhara went on scooter. Baa says she went on scooter

wearing saree and goes to ask neighbor for scooter.

Dhara asks the girl to just make a run and give batting side to Dhara. The girl gets run out. Dhara looks on. Baa says Deepak, I know you are driving slow in lane, you want me to get late. The coach asks next player not to get out and be firm on pitch. Dhara hits a six. The man praises Dhara. Selector says how will we know her range if she joined range. The man says but she has power, you know better, what can I day. Baa asks Deepak to drive slow, will he kill her. He stops scooter and says what do you want. She says drive well. Baa and Deepak reach the ground. elector says now its last over, we will see is she really a good player. The little boy tells Dhara that Baa has come on the ground. Dhara’s focus goes on Baa, and she hits a high. She gets out by the catch by opponent team. Dhara’s team loses. Selector tells the man Ganpath that player is one who makes team win, but get almost victory, we will meet this girl and ask why did she hit bogus shot.

Baa and Deepak ask Dhara to stop. Dhara runs. Selector asks where is that girl running, whats happening, she looks mad. Baa scolds the girls who play cricket, and jokes on selector. Deepak apologizes and asks Baa to be quit. Ganpath says come Sir, I will get betel/paan for you.

Dhara comes home and tells Saroj that Baa ruined everything, I got out. She locks her room and says I won’t talk to anyone. Baa comes home shouting Dhara and asks where did she go. Saroj says she locked her room’s door. Dhara asks Baa why did you come there, I got out because of her. Baa says come out, and gets angry. Dhara says I won’t come. Baa says fine, I will also lock my door. Dhara says fine, copy me. Deepak comes and asks where are they. Saroj says they locked themselves in their room, explain them. Deepak says I can’t explain them. Baa comes out and Deepak hides. Baa says I found a guy like diamond. Dhara says you ruined everything. Deepak says tell them I m not here and went to return scooter.

Baa asks Dhara why did she tell guy about cricket. Dhara asks would I lie. Baa says why did you say when guy did not ask, I did not say to lie. Baa and Dhara shout and argue. Baa says now guy won’t agree to marry you, I know you did this intentionally. Dhara says don’t say this, I said recipe too. Baa says you just read it, why did you go to play match today. Saroj gets an idea and goes to make some sweets. Dhara and Baa get the sweets smell. Baa and Dhara calm down and argue in low tone. Dhara says I m playing at state level. Baa says I know, but once you play for 25 years and sit at home, no guy will marry you. Saroj says their voice got low. Deepak asks where is my plate. Saroj says you are their hero, and will feed you. Baa and Dhara talk about Deepak and blame him angrily.

Deepak gets worried, and says what shall I do. Saroj says Dhara wants to become cricketer and Baa wants to get Dhara married, its good Sheera did half of your work, else they both would have not left you. Baa goes towards kitchen. Dhara also comes out of her room. Baa says if you do this again, I will not leave you. Dhara says I was called as selector came, I met the guests. Baa and Dhara ask each other to eat sheera. Baa takes belan and runs to beat Deepak. Dhara defends Deepak. Saroj answers the call and asks family to be quiet. She says its good news. Dhara gets the call and gets good news. She says I got selected in state level team. She hugs Deepak. Saroj says guy’s mother called. Baa says what did she say. Saroj says she said guy liked our Dhara. Baa gets glad and laughs. Dhara gets shocked and looks at Deepak.

Selector tells Dhara about city wise big selection, and gives her letter. Baa says we don’t want this. Deepak talks to the guy Mihir about Dhara. Mihir says I understand, but elders decide everything in our home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Varsha Darshini

    Really supr, she has been selected in both bt mihir shld undrstnd n allw hr to play cricket

  2. I actually liked this show a lot, got something really good to watch on star plus after many days besides saas-Bahu drama hope they don’t turn this into one , and what is better it’s a finite series. And as a cricket fan, I will say it’s really good that a series has been made on cricket and that too women cricket as women cricket is quite underrated, till now in 2016 Tamannah and Krishadasi r the most promising new show with new concepts 🙂

  3. I love dis show 🙂

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