Tamanna 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shubhangi asking Dhara to check her homework. Dhara is lost. Bhai ji comes there and sings jingle bell… Dhara sends Shubhangi and asks Bhai ji how can he come to her home without permission. Bhai ji says I know you are getting angry, see what happens next, this is just starting, I kill my enemy by front, by alerting the enemy well enough, so that enemy can also prepare well, weak enemy don’t give me fun. He says this is the last warning to you, other religion guy should not play in your team, I m telling you this in all my senses, think of this as command or Lord’s wish, I m the controller and Lord of this city.

She says you live is big misunderstanding, the city you are talking about is just in your dreams, come out of your dreams, you won’t get anything by this planning,

because I will not let happen, you do anything, but you can’t break my team ever, this is my house and just I rule here, leave from here. He says this is my insult, you don’t know your voice started a new story, you will regret for this day, you will be responsible for all the destruction, just you Dhara Solanki, this is my prediction and warning.

Sanjay comes there. Bhai ji says oh great, Sanjay changed his house address and did not let me know. He leaves. Sanjay asks why did Bhai ji come, what did he say, is everything fine. She says he threatened me to divide the kids, he was saying the result will be bad if other religion kids are not removed from my team, I m not scared. He gets angry. She stops him. He says its wrong that he came here and threatened you, he has to understand he has to limit his politics, I will explain him.

She says he won’t listen to anyone, I know how to deal with him, you don’t need to get enmity with them, you are one of them, you also think of other religion like that, I can manage myself and my team, I don’t need anyone, Bhanupratap will get an answer the legal way, I will not sit quiet.

Bhai ji tells Izhar that Dhara will not sit quiet, look at her courage, she is raising voice against us. Izhar says don’t worry, we will do such a blast that no one can think about. Bhai ji says Dhara likes to become Mardaani/masculine female. Sanjay asks Dhara why did she call him when she does not need his help, what is the matter. She says I had to tell you, Bhai ji is sending his men to break my team and scaring the students’ parents, now the parents are worried and complaining, I don’t know what will happen now, I thought maybe you know about this. He says trust me, I m party worker, but I m away from this dirty politics, I m ashamed to be part of this party, let me talk to Bhai ji. She says I need help to get info, I can manage rest of the things. He says I don’t understand you, what do you think you are. Shubhangi comes and asks what happened. Sanjay says I will tell Veer about practice. He asks Shubhangi to go and sleep. He leaves. Dhara thinks Sanjay has sense to lower tone infront of kid.

Someone leaves a note for Basheer. He reads the letter and says Dhara has called me at her home, I will go and come. He leaves. Dhara recalls Bhai ji’s words and is worried. Mridule sees Dhara switching lights on and off, and comes to her house. Dhara asks why did you not sleep till now. Mridula asks why did you now sleep, what happened. Dhara says I was not getting sleep. Mridula shows her baby kicking. They laugh. Dhara says Shubhangi used to kick me a lot. Mridula asks her what happened, tell me. Dhara says nothing. Mridula says I know something is troubling you. Dhara says Bhanu Pratap came and threatened me. She tells everything. Mridula says I told you this man is very bad, I will tell Sameer, you both go to police station and file complaint.

Dhara says no, don’t worry, go and sleep, I will see tomorrow. Basheer comes there. Dhara asks him why did he come at this time, is everything fine at home.

He says yes, I got your letter that Shubhangi is alone at home, and you need me here, come soon. Dhara gets shocked seeing the letter. He says someone knocked the door and left this note, I don’t know who has put this. She says I did not send this letter, something is wrong, you stay here tonight, we will go to school tomorrow in morning. He says I will find out who did this mischief, I have to go home, my mum will worry, how will I go school without uniform. She says no, you won’t go anywhere, this is not right. He says nothing will happen, I will go. Mridula tells Dhara that his mum will be waiting for him, let him go. He says don’t worry, I will go. He leaves. Dhara worries.

Salamat threatens Dhara and asks her to come out of the auto. The men attack Dhara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no!!! This is not good. Hope dhara doesn’t get hurt

  2. oh shit…dhara shud hav sum defence too…if she is gonna oppose dem…she needs to hav a solid plan & backup…she has 2 think …wat if dey get violent

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