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The Episode starts with the guys having some activities to make Dhara happy. They ask Dhara for their prize. She says we will bunk school tomorrow and smiles. The guy says you said you will give two prizes if we win. She says yes, you all will come to my house on lunch, we will have food together, and another thing, you all have to get some gifts from your side, something that is close to you and valuable for you, no one will buy anything for me.

Sanjay comes there with police. Police returns the cricket kit. The guys get happy. Dhara smiles and thanks Sanjay. She says you got the kit back and also their smile, sorry I have misunderstood you, you have humanity in you. He looks at her. The guys thank Sanjay. Sanjay says its fine. He asks Veer to come home. Dhara asks the guys to come to her house

tomorrow. Sanjay asks whats this new drama now. Dhara says its no drama, its idea to make everyone get together. He says don’t do this, peace came after difficulty, your idea will create problem, it will be worst idea. She says I don’t care what you think, I already invited them. He says fine, I guarantee Veer won’t come.

Next day, the guys come to Dhara’s house. Chaurasia sees them. He gets angry and plays music, while getting disturbed by the guys’ laugh sound. Muslim guy says its great, we are in hindu house for the first time, something different. Basheer says I don’t think there is any difference. Hindu guy says just Azaan and temple bell sound is different. Dhara sees them laughing and asks whats the matter. They laugh. Chaurasia is angry and students ask why is he angry. Chaurasia says Dhara crossed all limits, she is testing my tolerance, I have to make that woman and everyone leave this area. He sends his students and says don’t know whats cooking there, chicken, mutton or fish.

Dhara says I made bhel for lunch, as its made by many things, and tells them about unity and contribution. She asks them to make the bhel, we will make it together. Mishra tells Pitambar that Dhara did not take leave without reason, she has taken leave for some reason today, she has courage, Pitambar asks whats the reason. Mishra says Dhara got all students to her home, it will be history when both teams kids dine at Dhara’s house, her aim is to bring team together. Pitambar says thought is really good, but I m scared, she is taking big risk.

Chaurasia shuts his windows. Mishra says Dhara has to take risk, she is not making a team, but a peaceful team. Pitambar asks do their parents know this. Mishra says no, parents won’t permit, we both know this. Chaurasia says I won’t let them do this, I have to stop them. Pitambar asks Baig to go to Dhara’s house with Mishra, see if everything is fine, if there is any problem, make the students leave, anything can happen in city. Baig says I know that well, I will leave now, Dhara is fighting for peace, we will also try. Pitambar thanks him. Baig and Mishra leave.

Dhara and everyone sit making bhel. She asks about the gifts. She says its not for me, I want you to share it as a team, the question is who will gift whom, I leave the decision on you. The guys share the gifts.

Dhara asks Basheer will he not gift anyone. Basheer shows Kanche. Dhara says it will be something special in this, tell me. Basheer says when I visited a shop with my dad, I saw two brothers at the shop, the younger brother liked a car, elder brother did not had money and gave kanche to my dad, when the kids left, dad showed me the kanche, I said its loss, dad said just the kids knew the value, the boy gave kanche to bring smile on his younger brother’s face, this was priceless, it was very pure deal, everything has some intention, their value can’t be known, this kanche is very valuable for me. He gives kanche to someone. Dhara says your dad was a good man, I m glad you understand the lesson, you all are good, I m happy that I m your coach. They all smile.

Dhara argues with Chaurasia. He says they came here to show us down and impure this area.

Update Credit to: Amena

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