Tamanna 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tamanna 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Baa, Saroj and Pitti dancing in Dhara’s room. Dhara wakes up and asks whats this, why did you play songs. Baa says pandit gave next month date for marriage. Dhara says so soon. Baa says you said you does not like to wait. Pitti plays music. Dhara smiles. Baa gets tired of dancing and says lets talk seriously now. She asks Dhara to sit, and says we have to do things very fast. They all talk about clothes and jewelry. Saroj asks Dhara is she scared. Pitti says don’t be scared, we found a nice guy, Mihir will be scared later. Dhara dances.

Deepak comes there and asks Pitti to stop the song. He asks Dhara to come with him. He tells her about Anupam Kher supporting daughter and making her run away from marriage in Dil hai ki manta nahi movie. She asks what. He says I will

help you in running away, I m there with you, you can avoid this marriage. Dhara laughs and says I m not marrying for anyone, I m very happy. Mihir is a very good guy, he will take care of me, I feel maybe he will let me play cricket after marriage. She says I will marry Mihir, my filmy Papa, stop thinking filmy things, be happy and get me married to Mihir, Maa and Baa got in tension because of you. He says fine, if Baa knows what I told you, what will she do. Dhara laughs with him.

Saroj tells Baa that Mihir’s mum said Mihir will not get holidays after marriage, so Dhara will be going with Mihir soon after marriage. Baa says honeymoon. Saroj asks Dhara what she wants to take. Dhara brings her cricket kit and says this helmet will save me if husband argues or troubles you. She says this bat, if your husband does not agree to you, then I will beat him with this bat. Baa runs to beat Dhara.

Its night, Mihir calls Dhara and asks why do you sound surprised. Dhara says here, we don’t call at night before marriage. He says but here we do, did you get good news that we will leave for Kolkata after marriage for honeymoon. He asks what happened. She says here, we don’t talk like this before marriage. He asks what, about honeymoon and all this, and teases her. She ends call. He laughs. She turns shy.

He calls her again. He says we should talk, I got 7 days leave, I don’t want any wall between us, I will talk at this time and the wall will move away, is there permission. She asks him to take permission from elders. He asks do you always ask elders, I m sitting with a coin to toss. She asks for what. He talks romantic and kisses. She ends call and smiles. He smiles too. Music plays…..

Its morning, Deepak is doing arrangements. Dhara gets dressed in yellow suit. Her haldi ceremony goes on. all the guests come and the house gets noisy. Dhara wakes up and says whats this noise. She asks Saroj whats happening. Saroj says they came to write your marriage menu and they are arguing. The guests give advice and argue. Baa asks them to stop discussing about menu and start singing. The girls dance. Dhara does garba with her family.

Dhara cries and asks Deepak to promise her that he will not cry on her bidaai. Deepak says my tears will break the promise. She says I won’t be able to go if you cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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