Tamanna 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mridula telling Sameer that Sanjay has changed, its good change, Dhara told me that he has become her bodyguard now, Dhara was laughing, Sanjay used to beat people before and now he is understanding relations. Sameer says its all because of Dhara. Mridula says I wonder whether Dhara can see the changes in Sanjay, which we can see. He asks her not to think much and don’t get excited, just take rest and sleep now.

Bhai ji says I have played my game, now its your turn. A man says I will also play my part, but I will end this game, you trust your friend Izhar now. Bhai ji laughs and says we will win, shake hands for this victory’s first step. They hug. Izhar says what to do about this woman, who wants both religions to met, our vote bank will end, our hardwork will go waste.

Bhai ji says Dhara’s weakness is in my hands, we will throw trap any day we like. They laugh.

Its morning, Dhara meets Pitambar and asks did you call me. He says yes, come sit, so its time now for what you were waiting. He gives her the letter. She asks is it what I m thinking. He says yes, now its in your hands. She checks the letter and smiles, saying I m ready. He says you have to do all preparations soon, we both have seen a dream, to fulfill students, school and city’s dream. He says don’t worry, I have faith in myself and my team, I will not disappoint you. He says I m always with you, good luck. She thanks him and goes.

Students wonder why did Tamanna call them here, did they do any mistake. Dhara meets them and shows the letter. She says you will have big tests on these special dates. They ask what tests? She says we were dreaming to win the cup, the tournament date is announced, its time to show your practice in ground. Dinesh says we are glad, but nervous too. She says even I m nervous and afraid, this is good thing, it shows we are not overconfident, we have to win, its our aim. You all are playing well, but remember this is natural level cricket tournament, good teams will come, so can we win over them. They say yes. She says it’s a game, play well, give your best, but not have enmity for other team, control your emotions and play, one team, one dream. They all together say one team, one dream.

Bhai ji and Verma reach Basheer’s house. Bhai ji sends Verma to talk to Basheer’s mum. He says Bhai ji wants Basheer not to play cricket in school team. She asks but why, cricket is Basheer’s love, he stays happy playing cricket, I pray that he plays well and make parents name shine, why will I stop him from his dreams. Verma says everyone does not fulfill their likes, if Bhai ji does not want Basheer to play, he won’t play, this is an advice for you. He gives her money and says show some other dreams to your son. He goes. She stops him and returns the money, saying we are poor, we need money, but the happiness a mother sees in child’s eyes, money can’t buy that happiness. He says I know ways to explain you. She scolds him. Bhai ji sees people gathering. Verma gets angry and goes.

Basheer says we did not play in tournament ground, we have not seen big grounds, we don’t know fielding. They all say the same thing that their practice won’t match in big ground. She says I know the problem, I want Veer to make a ground drawing and make fielder’s positions as we discussed. Veer makes the drawing. She shows the ground mid on and long on positions and explains them. She says we can decide our fielding strategies based on bowler and batsmen, we can decide to secure inner circle or outer circle fieldings. Basheer’s mum comes there. Basheer asks her how did she come here. Basheer’s uncle asks Manoj’s dad not to allow Manoj for play. Manoj’s dad does not agree.

Manoj’s dad asks him to leave right away. Basheer’s mum tells about Bhai ji. Dhara says don’t worry, I will talk to him, I know him well. Manoj’s dad calls Dhara and complains about Salamat asking him not to let Manoj play in team, he was offering money too, when I refused, he started threatening me, I m feeling scared, don’t know what they will do with my son. She says you did right thing, there won’t be any solution if you get scared, trust me, I will not let anything happen to my students, I will deal with politicians in their language. She ends call.


Bhai ji threatens Dhara and says I m the Lord of this city. She says you won’t get anything, I will not let that happen what you are wishing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tq amena fr fst update

  2. dis is very difficult wen politicians interfere with deir sick and twisted minds. I hope dhara cums up wid a way or wid a deal or sumthing.,…which keeps her & every1 safe.

  3. why peoplee hate such shws i wonder

  4. This show is getting better and better day by day.

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