Tamanna 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara asking Kaka to put much spices in the kachori. She gives it to Mihir and asks him to take a big bite. He says I can’t eat this. She says just have it, its eaten that way. She asks Kaka to make one kachoru for her and eats by spoon. Mihir asks why is she eating by spoon. She says I can mix all the things in plate too. She laughs. He also takes spoon.

Deepak tries to apologize to Baa and she gets annoyed. Mihir asks Dhara about making him have spicy food. She gives him sweets and asks him to have it. He refuses and says my Maa says we should have sweets when there is something good happening, keep it, maybe I can have it in evening. They smile.

Baa says I did not feel bad, where will I go, its about Dhara’s life. Deepak says I m feeling very bad Baa, I did

not talk to you like this ever. She says first time forgiven, listen to me now, I have thought of Dhara’s 50 years, cricket will be just for 5 years. Deepak says whats Dhara’s age, give me time, I will find a guy who will let Dhara play cricket. Baa says many things changed, but not people.

He asks her to read Dhara’s diary once. Baa starts reading. Mihir stops the car as some ice gola vendor brings his stall infront. He gets angry and beats the man. Dhara asks Mihir to stop the man. The old man cries. Mihir gets fuming. Dhara asks see this age. Mihir says so what, will he come infront of car and kill us, say sorry. He scolds the man. Dhara cries and takes Mihir. The man says sorry, are you happy now. Mihir beats him and sits in car. The man says I would have shown him if girl was not with him. Mihir asks what will you see me, tell me. He pushes Dhara and starts throwing the ice gola liquids. Dhara says enough, if you do anything, I will go home.

Mihir puts some money in the man’s pocket. The man says I don’t want. Mihir asks him to keep it, else…. Dhara cries for the old man. The people look on. Dhara sits in the car and leaves with Mihir.

Mihir finds Dhara annoyed. She asks him to take her home. He says sorry, I don’t know what happened to me there, look to me please. He stops the car and says I said sorry. She says I m having ice gola by Kaka since I was child, how can anyone be so cruel. He says I admit it was cruel, I know how you felt seeing my angry side, but you have to understand what I was thinking that time, my office friend Atul did not use to get ever, we used to laugh always, his wife was also like him, they were a happy couple, Atul and his wife met with an accident on highway, while Atul saved a little boy. Atul got minor injuries, but his wife got paralysis. This incident happened 5 years ago, Atul’s smile got paralyzed. Two lives got ruined because of that boy’s mistake. He says what I did was cruel, but I recalled Atul’s incident, I would have not behaved this way if I was alone, you were sitting in the same place in which Atul’s wife was sitting.

Mihir and Dhara come back to the old man. Mihir says my mum says if anyone apologizes by true heart, Lord surely forgives. He apologizes to that man by hugging him. Dhara smiles. Deepak says fine Baa, I felt you will agree to me after reading this diary, my decision is still the same, I don’t accept this marriage, I won’t let this marriage happen. Dhara asks Mihir for his phone. He says I forgot you have to call your home. She says you message your home. She says Y and sends message. They smile. She returns his phone. He signs her for sweets. She gives him sweets. He signs her to feed sweets to him. She hands over the sweets. He eats sweet and smiles.

Deepak tells Dhara about running away from marriage, he will support her. Dhara gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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