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The Episode starts with Gaffur Chacha coming to meet Dhara. Dhara thanks him. Mridula tells Dhara not to leave city, riots happen always, everything will be fine in two days, whats your mistake in this, you made guys play together which others could not bear. Dhara says I can’t do anything, I m going tomorrow. Mridula says I won’t let you go anywhere in six months, I m pregnant, I lost chance once, I feel this time it will be fine as you are with me, you said you will take care of me, stay back for my baby’s sake. Dhara smiles and agrees.

Dhara thinks my innings ended and this innings is for Mridula, my dreams and everything ended, I tried to live like a stone, I will go school like Ram Prasad goes. She sees news that curfew ended, riots got cleared. Dhara calls Roy and says I m coming back,

find any job for me in six months. Nurse asks Roy to have medicines. Roy gets upset and takes medicines. He makes nurse type a message to Dhara and himself, that those who have courage to fulfill dreams can surely do.

Deepak tells Saroj that Dhara has changed, she is not like before. Baa and Saroj pacify him. Deepak says Dhara went there to make a new start, and whats happening there.

Its morning, Mishra scolds the guys and blames them for fighting and creating riots. The guy says we did not burn the city, our fight ended. Mishra says you have sparked this, Dhara can’t bear this riots. The guys fight again. Mishra asks them to shut up and scolds them for not valuing Dhara. Basheer says I won’t let Dhara go anywhere. Mishra says she will leave. Sultan says I will say sorry. Mishra says she is leaving from this school, you guys do mistake and she is blamed, you were fine apart.

He asks them to go and apologize to Dhara, maybe she can come back, else their coach is gone forever. Dhara gives her resignation to Pitambar. He asks why is she resigning. She says you were right, I should have not clubbed the guys, accept my resignation, I will leave from here forever. He says you retired before me. Bhola tells Dhara that she is called in staff room. She says I will come. Pitambar tells Dhara that everyone does not get second chance and talent in life, remember this. She says I thought it well, I will leave now. She leaves.

The guys apologize to Dhara. Basheer says we always listened to you and just did this mistake, we are sorry, I assure this won’t happen again. She shouts get out. Mishra asks all of them to go. Baig asks Dhara to sit and tells about his city Kashmir. He explains her that she should forgive the students, she has hope. How can she lose hope, she has courage to bring a change. She tells about riots. He says riots happen always here, you feel if you go, riots will stop, no, Lord has gave you power to change the air wind. He asks her to forgive the kids, as Lord also forgives everyone, you ask for peace for them, I can see they changed.

Inspector comes to have enquiry against Dhara and talks to Pitambar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys if you all dont mind then could i just know your ages ?

    1. I am not Indian and I do not understand Hindi. On weekdays I don’t get to see Tamanna at 10.00 pm or the repeats. Do you know how I could watch it online with subtitles in English?

  2. you can watch it on hotstar app but i am not sure if they show it with english subtitles. But i have one question that if you are not an indian then how did you happen to come across this serial?

  3. You can watch tamanna on hot star app but I am not sure if they show it with English subtitles but you will have to wait for the episode to upload there till the next day. But just one question that if you are not an Indian then how did you happen to come across this serial?

  4. Am also not Indian but I watch on star plus most of their dramas are superb. And I do understand Hindi not much but the English subtitles make it more interesting.

  5. Dhara be strong

  6. hey amena bhai,where is 28 th update ? i am eagerly wairing.thank u

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