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The Episode starts with Mihir signing the papers. Diwakar takes him to his old cabin and says I know it was injustice done with you, you deserved this cabin. Mihir thanks him. Diwakar says work speaks for the man, this is result of your work. Mihir says thanks, but I just asked, I m asking again, we have personal relationship too, is this increment and cabin because of it, I also believe work should speak, really sorry, I can’t do this. Diwakar asks are you crazy, I don’t make professional favors for personal reasons, I never mix professional and personal relations, enjoy your old cabin, get friendly with Nitesh. Mihir says I will work hard, I got my motivation, the reason is your trust on my work, don’t worry, everything will be sorted. Diwakar asks him to come to his home today, Varun loves pizza,

we will order it, I want to spend time with him, I won’t come office for 2-3 days, see you in evening, get Dhara with you. Mihir says I will manage everything, sure. Diwakar goes. Mihir smiles seeing his old cabin and calls Dhara.

He apologizes to her. She asks why. He says we argued at night, I was wrong, I should have not dragged the kid in all this, you were right. She says fine, you realized this, its enough. He says sometimes I feel what would have happened with me if you were not there, whom would I say sorry. She smiles and asks him to work. He says Diwakar called us on dinner, his son is coming home. She says fine. He ends call.

Mihir and Dhara come to Diwakar’s home. Diwakar introduces Varun to them. Varun says nice to meet you, I m going to my room, call me when pizza comes. He goes. Diwakar asks them to sit. He says Varun was not like this, he changed. Mihir says don’t worry, he will be fine like before, Dhara will teach him cricket. She says yes, I don’t know how to start, introduction is necessary. Diwakar says I was doing that and Varun left, I think if I start, it will be wrong, you should start. Pizza comes and Mihir goes to pay bill. Diwakar says no, its my house, you are guests, don’t do this after getting increment and cabin back, I want bigger treat. Dhara hears this and asks Mihir did he change mind after getting increment and cabin, she felt he did this for the boy, she was wrong. She tells Diwakar that she will take pizza for Varun.

She goes to Varun’s room and gives his pizza. He thanks her. She asks him to have it. she asks is he cricketer. He says yes. She asks wicketkeeper. He says yes. She asks and batsman? She says a batsman is always batsman, even I m cricketer, batsman, state level player, I can train you if you wish, do you want any tips. He sits silent.

Dhara tries to bond with Varun and he does not react. FB ends. Dhara tells Nandita that he did not react, I just thought of Roy, I contacted him. FB shows Dhara meets Roy. Roy says Varun should be taught to live first, teach him, talk to his father. Dhara goes to meet Mihir at office. Receptionist asks her to wait, Mihir is in meeting. Dhara asks can I meet Diwakar. Diwakar comes there and asks Dhara to come….

He offers tea. She says I had to talk about Varun, so I came here. He says thanks I really appreciate your concern, its mind thing, problem is going on in his mind and heart. He says I know. She asks can I ask a personal question. He says yes. She asks why did he get divorce. He says our thought process was different, small arguments and we did not had major issue, why are you seeing me like this. She says no, I feel strange. He asks why. She asks why divorce when there is not major issue. He says divorce is not taboo now, people are open about divorce. She says you took decision maturely, did you tell this to Varun, does he know the reason.

She says like we have society, kids have a small world, did you think how casually you can talk about your divorce, will he be able to tell this, his friends will ask him many questions, why is his parents not together. Maybe you are settled with your divorce, you have to settle Varun, you explain him, if he understands this, then problem can get solved. He says I have kept my staff like family always, I felt I m very mature, thanks for making me realize, we elders take decisions and don’t think how our kids will take our decisions, I will try to talk to him. She says you try at home, I will take him ahead in ground, I will leave. He asks her to meet Mihir. She says its okay, I have much work at home. She leaves. Receptionist tells Mihir that his wife came to meet him, she met boss and left. Mihir gets thinking.

Diwakar apologizes to Varun and says I did not tell you something imp. Mihir gets angry and asks Dhara why did she come office, and left without meeting him. She says I m just doing my task. He asks why did she meet Diwakar, I told you not to cross limits. She says I know my limits well, I will never cross my limits.

Mihir argues and Dhara and says you will not teach the kid, tell Diwakar that you have headache, I m going out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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