Tamanna 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Baa asking Deepak does he know dowry. She scolds him. Deepak says Dhara was upset when she left with Mihir, I can’t accept this. Mihir and Dhara laugh. She asks her fav. music. She says the sound when bat hits the ball. He looks at her. She says everyone has own choice. He says yes. She asks him to stop the car fast. He asks what happened. She takes him to ride in the auto. He says I feel close to my childhood. They both smile and see each other. The man asks for Mihir’s car keys. Mihir asks why. Dhara says give him keys, he will get the car. Mihir asks will he know car driving. Dhara laughs and says he can drive anything in the world. Mihir gives the keys. The man asks how will car start. Dhara says sorry and laughs.

Deepak tells Baa that I have read Dhara’s diary,

you don’t know what pain is she going through. Baa says I told you not to let her play cricket, if you see some pain, you won’t know later if you see her bigger pain. He says I will get her diary, you read it. she says I don’t want, Dhara’s marriage is my responsibility, don’t give me more tension, its just my 4-5 years of life remaining now. Deepak says but I can’t ruin Dhara’s 50 years of life for your 4-5 years. Baa gets shocked. She stops Saroj and goes. Saroj asks Deepak what did you say, apologize to Baa. Deepak says I will convince Baa and apologize, I will not let this marriage happen.

Dhara laughs and asks Mihir how did he know cricket jokes. He thanks the jokes that made her laugh. He says I did not see cricket before, I have no knowledge, I downloaded these jokes from internet yesterday, I did homework before meeting a cricketer, else how will I talk to you, I got some interest reading it. He says I m first person in the world to take interest in cricketer first and then in cricket. She smiles. He says I read cricket rules, its boring. She asks did you really not play cricket. He says I was boring child who just use to study. My dad used to ask me to just study, as studies will change life one day, dad was right, but he did not know I will meet a cricketer. He says if I get a good teacher, I will learn cricket soon, sorry, I did not mean to influence your decision, lets talk about cricket again. He says I read article on concentration, I felt cricket is like life. She says yes, one mistake and you are out, my dad says the same. He says yes, I don’t want you to do any mistake. They have an eyelock. Tu nazar chura rahi hai…………plays………. They smile.

Dhara throws some stones in the lake and asks Mihir to try. He says you are taking small things seriously and getting happy, this is big thing. He throws the stone. She asks him to try again and teaches him. They get glad. Deepak is worried at home. He tells Saroj that its 4 hours now. Saroj asks him not to call. He calls Dhara. Saroj says Dhara forgot phone at home. He asks for Mihir’s number, I can ask him where they are, he is not our son in law. Saroj says fine, think about Baa, go and apologize. He says I m scared. She insists and sends him.

Dhara and Mihir are on the way. Dhara asks him why is he not saying anything. He says its opposite now, I m glad, you are asking this to me. He says I will tell you some truth, which no one knows. She asks what. He says when I get hungry, I get very serious. She starts laughing. They go to some market and she asks what will he eat. They go to food stalls and she orders kachoris. He gets busy on phone. She asks Kaka to add more chilli and green chutney. She smiles.

Mihir gets angry on some man and ruins the ice gola stall. Dhara cries and asks Mihir to just stop it now, else she will just leave for home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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