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The Episode starts with Basheer recalling Salamat’s words. The guys ask him to come and play. Dhara comes to play with them. Baig and Mishra come to see. Dhara coaches the guys. Baig says I have come to see that you did it, I get glad seeing all of them play together. He goes to Basheer and asks why are you sad. Basheer says I will not play with them and stop them too. Baig says why, you are hero to bring unity. He says Salamat uncle came yesterday, he helped us a lot after my dad passed away, he said I should not trust them. Baig says some people from them killed your dad, you can’t have enmity with all people of that community. Dhara asks Basheer why are you not playing. Basheer says things changed after Dhara came. Baig says we did not have courage before, Dhara has come and air changed.


says she encourages us to play and stay together. Basheer says I m scared that this air can become storm. Dhara says I explained you that one who do riots have no religion, they just get benefit from it, its our loss, don’t get into this, go ahead, become an example for everyone. Basheer goes to play with everyone. Dhara smiles.

Its night, Dhara talks to Roy. He asks why are you happy. She says I got an achievement. He asks what. She says both religion kids are playing together. He gets glad. She says I m determined. He says you always win, I m your mentor and will give you advice, real player is one who makes team win and then go back to pavilion. She says I will try. He says I have grown up there, the guys have talent but their fights don’t let them come up, its my dream that my school wins in interschool tournament, if you fulfill this, I will be thankful. She says don’t worry, its our school, they will win. He asks her to be careful, second innings will be tough. She says I know, I will do batting well. He asks her to take care of Shubhangi, else Baa will beet me. She laughs and says that won’t happen. Roy ends call. He is in hospital and does not tell Dhara.

Next day, the guys play together as a team. The politician says why is this hindu girl uniting both religion guys, it will be problem in our elections. He asks Sanjay to explain Dhara, leave party if you can’t work. Sanjay tells him not to worry and let kids play. The man gets angry and scolds him. Salamat tells his members that they will not bear a woman puts water on the fire we lit, we have to do something soon, this game should not happen, its dangerous.

Baig gets call and says its bad, take care and inform me. Dhara asks what happened. Baig says riots happened again, I m afraid… She says that city is far from here. He says that does not matter. Mishra says be careful with the guys in practice. A boy gets hit by the ball. The guys run to him. Hindu and muslim start arguing and fight again. Dhara comes there and stops them. The city gets riots too. Salamat asks his men to shut shops or burn the shops. There is curfew in the city. Police seizes cricket sports items too. People are taken in the ambulance. Dhara sees news and says city burns in riots, I did not think I will become reason of this bad riots. She thinks to leave from the city and quit.

Dhara gives her resignation letter to Pitambar. He says everyone do not get second chance and talent in life, remember this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode watching team and basheer part.,I hope Sanjay helps Dhara’s mission and knocks salamat black and blue.dhara is no quitter

  2. Dhara will quit so soon, it’s not possible. She is soul of the serial. Dhara fight back.
    We are watching a good serial after a long time.

    1. Tamanna Kukreja

      Actually Serial is very innovative different from other serials. I eagerly wait for every episode. The serial give motivation to fight against wrong things. Dhara is best example of every girl who wants to fullfill her dreams.

  3. i think that dhara might quit for some time to make all the kids realize their mistake but why has mihir’s track been subsided where he can actually add frills and thrills to this show.

  4. Dharaa should not resign she has to flight against people who does not want to progress

    It is a nice serial with good story line….with good direction

  5. Best serial soooo far….good team…good script…..loved it

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