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The Episode starts with Mihir telling Dhara that he will tell her what to do. He says congrats, send two tiffins for me and boss. Diwakar comes to their home late evening. Mihir asks Diwakar and Dhara to talk and goes. Dhara goes to Mihir and asks him what is he doing, he left her alone with boss. Mihir says I have to show I m working hard, you be the good host, that too in limits. She says I don’t know calculations, I will do what I know.

Diwakar thanks Dhara for sending cricket. She says I love making food, cricket and cooking are my two hobbies. He asks why did you leave cricket. She tells about her life and household. Diwakar calls her a great cricketer, great cook and a great poet. Diwakar gets his son’s call and asks him to talk to him calmly tomorrow. Diwakar tells them that his son is

not taking his life well. Mihir says time heals everything. He tells Dhara’s lines to impress Diwakar. Dhara looks at him shocked. FB ends.

Dhara tells lawyer Nandita about Mihir’s lies. FB shows Diwakar worried about his son. He talks to his son on phone and talks to his teacher. He says I will talk to his mummy, give me some time. Mihir asks whats the problem. Diwakar says my son has fever.

FB shows Dhara says then Varun came in my life, I understood that cricket is game of mind, if you are mentally disturbed, cricket can’t be good, and cricket heals the mind’s problems, I had two months left to complete my task. FB ends.

FB shows Diwakar coming to Mihir’s house in morning. Mihir asks why are you worried. Diwakar says I need your help. Mihir asks him to order. Diwakar says I want Dhara’s help, my son is a good cricketer, his school coach has hopes from him, this is his school match cards, he is consistently failing, he is mentally disturbed after my divorce, Dhara you are state level cricketer, can you please train him. She says I m player, I did not teach anyone, I can’t.

Diwakar says you are strong cricketer. Mihir asks her to try once, we have to clear negativity from the boy’s mind, don’t say no. She says fine, I will try.

At office, Diwakar asks Mihir and Nitesh to stop fighting as its being bad for the company. Mihir asks what did I do. Diwakar says you should have send the filed to Nitesh, he would have made presentation. Mihir says I did not start the game. Diwakar says I don’t want company to bear more loss, is that clear. They agree. Diwakar thanks them and asks them to get back to work.

Mihir asks Dhara to refuse to Diwakar. She asks why. He says you know why I did this, Diwakar showed me down in office infront of Nitesh, he is not a good person. She asks why is he bringing office home, that 12 year old boy is coming here on my trust, I was refusing and you made me say yes. He says I m not interested in that boy. She says you should have interest, we can’t say no like this.

He says there should be no profit in office. She asks what, its wrong, I can’t do this. He says I m doing this for us, I have reason. She says I won’t say no, you can refuse. If you have to take decision about me, then ask me first.

Mihir comes to office and Diwakar gives him increment, he says I have checked your hardwork in last 6 months, you deserve this. Diwakar says I know you worked really hard, sign on the papers. Mihir stops and asks him is he doing this as they are on good terms now. Diwakar says I don’t bring home to office, sign on it.

Mihir argues with Dhara and asks why is she taking personal interest. She says you told me to help the boy and this is my task. He says I told you not to cross the limit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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