Tamanna 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara talking to the team. She says we can lose the match tomorrow, Chaterjee spoke to me and while conversing, he asked me about the team’s weaknesses and strengths, I did not realize anything and told him everything about the team, now he will use our weaknesses very well, anyways don’t be scared, we will play by Plan B. The team asks what’s that.

Its morning, Dhara’s team plays well by the new plan. Chaterjee thinks whats happening. Dhara says Plan B is working. Chaterjee gets surprised seeing his batsmen not making runs. Dhara and Deepak send Veer to convey message to Sultan, about bowling. Sultan takes a wicket. Dhara gets glad.

Baa worries and tells Saroj that Dhara is not taking call, you call Deepak. Saroj calls Deepak. Dhara asks the team to effectively

do the fielding, create such situation that they get run out, they are making many runs, but situation is in our hands.

Chaterjee’s team makes 230 runs in 20 overs. Dhara makes all her team players eat peppermint, and all their sadness will go, my dad used to give this to me and my sadness used to go, nothing happened, everything is fine, target is big, not but impossible. Deepak says I know their score is big, but we just need one run more to win. The team says yes, we can. Chaterjee tells Dhara that his team made the highest score in this tournament, I don’t think any team is there who can make this score, I suggest you to tell the team that they will lose. Dhara thanks him. She tells her team that Chaterjee said a good thing, we can make this record, it’s a good chance, we should get this record on our name, no target is bigger than our dreams. They chant one team, one dream.

Dhara’s team plays well and makes run well without losing many wickets. Dhara says their partnership is very imp. Virat falls down while running. He manages to reach the line and gets saved. Deepak asks him to be careful. Dhara gets worried. The team makes 123 runs in 10 overs. Virat gets out. Other players also give their best. Chaterjee starts worrying at the end of the match.

Dhara’s team loses 7 wickets. Deepak says now we will know their caliber, its 230 runs and 4 balls left, they have much pressure on. Dhara cheers for Imran.

Chaterjee signs his team to not allow them to make a run. Imran gets tensed. He asks the other player to just hit the ball and run, we have to make a run. They make a run and get victory for the team. Dhara and the team happily jump. Chaterjee gets his anger out.

Dhara asks Chaterjee to play honestly next time, maybe he will win. She jokes and goes. Chaterjee asks his team to prepare for next tournament. The people in Bulandgunj dance happily and play dhol knowing about the team’s victory.

Mihir meets Dhara. She asks why did he come. He says you know that. She says I thought about you with a cool mind, Baa, mummy and Papa explained me to give you a second chance, so I decided to forgive you. Mihir gets glad and hugs her thankfully. He says I can’t believe this, thanks. She says I have a condition, you will come with me wherever I go, like I left everything and came to you, you should come leaving job and house, I will do coaching and you will manage my house, will you be able to do this. He gets shocked. She asks him to say, as he loves her, every girl does this, I did this for you. She smiles and says I got my answer, thank you Mihir. She goes.

Dhara happily cries and hugs Deepak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Finally… Dhara came to know that mihir can’t change, he is just behind Dhara for name and fame and make her lose again, but this tym mihir can’t win….
    Finally last episode tommorrow and will be waiting for it….

  2. Nice episode…..Dhara jst said the rght thng to Mihir,he jst don’t deserve a second chance….just loved it!!!!? but if this serial z going off in air dis month!!!den m gonna mis dis serial….as its jst showing practical thng which now a days its jst happening wid so many women….by watching dis serial at least some women were getting inspiration to how to be get strong in dis world ….by not breaking urself or letting ur lyf lyk useless for jst a useless person who jst dont knw how to respect her women ….its a nice serial ….having with a lots of moral value….and an hope 4 the women to stand herself again in her lyf ,if anything has jst happen wrong in their lyf…..not lyk others serial which were dragging day by day wid the same writting…its jst need to stay atleast for a while long unless untill lyk some other serials which were dragging wid nt having any logic or practicality….!!! I hope it may continue……?


      Its going off air today…. last day today of tammna and dahelz

  3. Why dhara cried someone answer me

  4. I wish to see dhara n sanjay as a couple

  5. It might be tears of happiness as her team will win the cup

  6. really this serial is just awesome.. and I like dhara and her acting… so naturally.. she is so different than other

  7. Nice Episode, loved it…
    Tamanna is really different, pls do bring shows like this and not those saas bahu crap.

  8. i cant understand. whats going on

  9. The best so far from star plus. I don’t usually watch dramas from star plus CU’s its so long and most of them are meaning less. But this one is quite special hats off to the writer n the whole team. Need more dramas like this

  10. Yeah….today’s last episode…..wish to have such nice shows …..again….?.

  11. Sahasranjali

    Really an awesome series. Will surely miss this. This must have encouraged many women to take a stand for themselves. I am myself an athlete and know the ups and downs of a match and it has been very well portrayed here. Hats off to the whole team of Tamanna for bringing such an innovative serial….

  12. What about sanjay and dhara ? Dont like the end

  13. Yeah …what abt Dhara n Sanjay….?
    Seriously…m gonna miss dis….4a while?…!!!

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