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The Episode starts with Deepak telling Saroj that he will come home and talk. Deepak buys a greeting pad. The man says college teens buy this. Deepak asks him to do his work. Baa asks Saroj where is Dhara. Saroj says she went to change clothes, you told her to wear what she likes, she will take time. Baa asks why. Dhara wears her cricket uniform and gets sad. She rests.

Deepak comes home. Saroj asks where was he. Baa says Dhara is ready to marry, I got mahurat from pandit, we have to do arrangements soon. Saroj asks Deepak to call groom’s family fast. Deepak says enough, let me sit, give me water, I just came and you started. Baa says what happened to him suddenly. Deepak comes to Dhara and sees her resting. He goes and writes a letter for Baa. He writes down. Dear Baa… I m writing, as I

know I can’t tell you this, I have thought a lot decided that Dhara can’t marry a guy who will not let her play cricket, I will not let this marriage happen. Saroj asks what happened, why did you get angry, where did you go. He says I went to temple and prayed for rectifying mistake, I need your help and shows her the writing pad. She reads and asks how can this happen. He says this will happen, I explained Dhara that she will leave cricket at marriage time, I taught her cricket. I lied to her and myself, I felt I will get a guy who will accept Dhara with cricket, as times will change, but it did not change. Saroj says it won’t change, Mihir is a nice guy. He says yes, I know he is nice. Saroj says we will never such guy who will allow Dhara to play cricket. Deepak says maybe, we don’t have right to say this, ask Dhara what she wants, cricket or marriage, its her life and she is living for us. She says how, we are doing this for her good. He says she is doing this for us, she is sleeping wearing cricket clothes, think of her, what we are snatching from her, we are snatching her life, I decided this, I don’t know what will happen next, I will not snatch cricket from Dhara.

Baa comes and asks Deepak to talk to Mihir.. She gives the phone. Mihir greets Deepak and asks how are you. Deepak says fine, how are you. Mihir says I m good, I want permission from you, I came to your city for my office work, can I meet Dhara tomorrow, actually mummy said they are keeping marriage soon, I wanted to talk to Dhara, I can’t come that side again, only if you permit. Deepak ends call. Deepak tells this to Baa. Baa says call him and say yes. Mihir calls again. Deepak asks him to come tomorrow. Mihir thanks him. Baa says its good, Dhara and Mihir will meet and know each other, I will tell this to Dhara. Saroj asks Deepak to wait for one day, then we will see what to do.

Baa goes to Dhara and sees her in cricket dress. She wakes up Dhara and hugs her. She says Mihir is coming tomorrow to meet you, come and have breakfast now, change clothes. Dhara writes there are two types of guys in world, one who comes in our dreams and other who snatches our dreams, I know who is coming tomorrow, still I have to meet hi.

Its morning, Baa asks Dhara to come, Mihir would be coming now. Dhara leaves the cricket poster and goes. Mihir comes there. Baa and Saroj welcome him. Mihir greets them. Baa asks Mihir to sit. Baa says I will call Dhara. Dhara is upset in her room.

Dhara does some makeup and cuts the ball string. She sadly goes to meet Mihir. Baa serves food to Mihir. She asks Deepak to talk to Mihir. Deepak asks Mihir not to be shy and eat. Mihir says I m not shy, I had breakfast, I liked that sweets a lot and did not had anything at night. Baa laughs. Mihir sees Dhara and gets mesmerized. Music plays……………

Baa asks Dhara to sit and not be shy, Mihir came to meet you, it will be good to talk, go and get tea for him. Mihir says I don’t want, I drink tea just once in morning. Baa asks him to have it. He says I will drink when I come to drop her. Deepak asks what do you mean, are you both going somewhere. Mihir says I have some work and thought to take Dhara with me, to spend time on the way, sorry to not take permission. Saroj asks him to take Dhara. Mihir says if you don’t like then… Baa says take her, I know you made this plan as if you talk at terrace, people will see, you can talk in car, end your work and drop Dhara, then have tea made by Dhara and snacks made by Saroj. Mihir asks Deepak to say, shall I take Dhara.

Mihir gives tea to Dhara and says lying always is not wrong, I had to lie to meet you. I could not put my decision without asking you. Deepak argues with Baa about Mihir.

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