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The Episode starts with Diwakar seeing cricket and commenting on Dhara’s take on cricket. He asks do you like cricket. Mihir says she is cricketer. She says I was cricketer and goes to her room. She cries.

Its morning, Deepak calls Dhara and asks her why is she not talking, how did she play yesterday. She says I m tired, I played well. He asks whats the matter. She says Mihir’s boss came for dinner, I had to cook many things. He says I did Sai baba darshan and prayed that you play for india within a year. She asks him to take care of his health and ends call. Roy reaches Dhara’s house, and calls her. She says I knew you would call, don’t have any hope from me, you do good with many people, you don’t know what your good does to others, you give hope that has no result, my life gets storm.

He says I just want to talk to you, come downstairs. She says I can’t play. He asks did I say that, just meet me. Dhara goes to meet Roy. He asks her to sit in car. They leave.

Diwakar tells Mihir that he is impressed by Dhara’s cooking and her cricket interest. He gifts a book for Dhara. Mihir says even I need a gift then. Diwakar laughs and says we are here, and don’t open gift here, go home and open the gift infront of her. Mihir leaves.

Roy takes Dhara to some house. Dhara asks where did we come. The servant says she screams seeing the light. The lady screams. Roy tells Dhara that she is my mum…..

He goes to her room. Dhara gets scared seeing the lady. The lady sings the classical beats. Roy plays classical music to calm her down. Roy hugs his mum. She cries. Roy tells Dhara about his mum, she was talented dancer. He says everyone believed that her mum could have been best kathak dancer, my father has seen her performing kathak, he felt this dancer should be my wife, so they met and he proposed, my mum loved him, unfortunate, then they got married, then comes the best part of the story, the man who liked the dancer, immediately after marriage, he made her stop dancing, he threw her ghungroos and tied her with chains, he made her dance on his fingers, one day he made her lose her name in darkness, and my mum bear everything being pati vrata, infact I did not see my mum dancing till now, I read in newspapers and thought its true, then she became mad, this happens now, when you don’t grown your talent gifted by Lord, this happens. She says your Lord is strange to punish your mum and not your dad. Roy says I was young before and could not do anything, now I have grown up and can fight, raise voice, I can try that bat is not snatched from a girl’s hands, I got you here to show this. She says my and your mum’s case are different, your dad saw your mum on stage, Mihir did not see me on ground, it was decided I will play based on Mihir’s wish, it was condition, I decided well, I was not cheated.

She says please Sir, I don’t have to get confused more, I decided I will not play. He says fine agreed, don’t play, but you will feel bad after some years, I have seen this happening with many girls, your talent, passion and story is different, if you feel you are stuck, don’t get mad, call me once and talk to me, but don’t make your state, do not do that to yourself, this is my request. They cry. She takes his blessings and leaves.

Dhara goes home and recalls Roy’s mum. Mihir comes and asks did you not go for practice today. She says yes, I can’t manage two things, I m happy. He says fine If you are happy, take this, boss has sent this gift for you, he is very happy, even I m happy. He goes to freshen up. She checks the gift and sees a book named talking cricket….

Its morning, Dhara reads the book and recalls cricket. She thinks this is strange game, but I can’t play now.

Dhara gives tiffin for Diwakar and Mihir gets angry on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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