Tamanna 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara crying in her room. She holds the cricket ball and sees her trophies. She throws ball and makes the trophy fall. She plays a cricket match. She sleeps. Deepak comes to her room and sees her sleeping. He switches off the tv and sees the trophy fallen. He keeps the trophy back and sees Dhara’s diary. He reads what she wrote. He gets emotional reading her decision. He thinks Dhara’s hand is to lift trophy, not to make trophy fall, you will play, I can still fight for you, no Mihir can stop you from playing. He sits near her. She sees him. He makes her sleep.

Its morning, Dhara wakes up. She puts the trophy down and goes. She asks Baa to call Mihir’s family and ask them to decide marriage date, I m ready to marry, keep it soon, I don’t like waiting, I can’t

wait for a year after leaving cricket, second inning should start after first. She goes and cries.

Baa and Saroj look on. Baa goes to Dhara. She explains her about sportsman’s spirit. She says we are from such society where we get daughter married off soon, but we are getting you married to a nice guy, even family is good, they are not asking dowry. Dhara says I said yes. Baa says it matters how you said yes, Deepak told many families that you play cricket, no one came to see you, I don’t think any guy will accept his wife to play cricket. I knew we did big mistake, but Deepak felt he will let you do what you want till you are here, you did all this, you have to play second innings now. Dhara says I m not refusing. Baa says I m scared seeing your cricket passion, then your hand got hurt, it was decided that you will play cricket, I accepted it and smiled all the way to cheer you and clap for you, this is called sportsman’s spirit, leave about marriage now, tell me about cricket, you think women’s cricket is on big level that you can earn living, its our duty to give you good future, Mihir is a very nice guy, I wanted to find such guy, now I found him, be happy and show I scored well, smile and say yes for marriage. Dhara cries and smiles. Baa hugs her and asks her to say yes to Deepak as well. She asks Saroj to call Deepak, and tell him to come home fast. We will get mahurat for marriage. Saroj says Deepak is not taking call. Baa says call at his office. Saroj calls at his office, and gets to know Deepak did not come office. She tells Baa that Deepak took leave.

Deepak goes to temple to pray and tells his message via pandit. He says Dhara wants to play cricket and family is not allowing, bat is part of her body, which I can’t cut off, cricket is her breath and I can’t stop her breath by stopping her cricket, I can’t get her marriage done. Pandit says emotions spoil good decisions, you said guy and family are nice, get Dhara married to that guy. Deepak says I did mistake earlier and want to rectify it. Pandit says but Baa will call this mistake. Deepak prays that Baa gets convinced and does not get Dhara married now. Baa calls Mihir’s family and says we will get mahurat decided, it will be within 6 months, I will make you talk to Deepak tomorrow. Baa tells Saroj that Mihir’s parents said yes, they are excited for the marriage, mahurat is for next month. Baa asks Dhara to go and wear good clothes. Baa asks Saroj to call Deepak. Dhara asks what to wear. Baa says wear anything you like. Saroj calls Deepak and asks where is he. He says I did not go office, I will come and talk. She says come soon, Dhara’s marriage date is fixed. He holds her head.

Deepak tells Saroj that he has taken decision, he will not snatch cricket from Dhara. Dhara keeps all the things to pack. Mihir meets Deepak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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