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The Episode starts with Dhara saying if Sultan does not play with you, then no one will play. Sultan says I have an idea, I will do batting with teams alternate days. Mishra says what can we do of Sultan now. Dhara says its decided, no one will play and no one has right on this items, change mentality and show becoming a good person. She asks Mishra to keep all things in sports room and lock it. She goes to Pitambar. He says I told you before, you can’t make them play together, teach Sultan separately. Dhara says this can’t be any way, will you teach kids separately, I can’t make a team this way. He says I m not with you, they can’t be clubbed, I have seen this city burning many times. She says the guys don’t understand, they can’t play together, their inner hatred should be ended to make a

team. He says their hatred won’t end.

She says trust me, we can get them together, if we make team, then it will be big example for the city. He says you change the people’s mindset, my retirement has 1.5 years, I want peace. She says this is wrong, you are being selfish, you want to end this and want peace, but this is my beginning, this job is not to earn money, this job is my passion. He says fine, do anything you want, I will not stop you, think well and do things. She says I will make a team, else I can’t live peacefully, I won’t let that happen. She leaves.

Teacher asks kids to write. She attends call. Shubhangi talks to muslim girl and says sorry, I don’t have chocolates. Dhara teaches cricket batting to Sultan. A guy says enough, you are just teaching him, what about us. Sultan says I did not learn anything till now. Dhara asks the guys to get out. She says Sultan is of no team, I have to teach him alone. Mishra says they all are stubborn, they are fools. Shubhangi sits with Basheer. She sits like him. Basheer looks at her and smiles. Dhara asks her when did you come, wait for some time, go home then. She says Shubhangi is not interested in cricket, she can’t wait for me. She calls muslim team and asks them will they take Sultan in fielding. They agree. Shubhangi hides behind Basheer.

Dhara says if we convince Basheer, they all will play together, how to convince him. Mishra says he won’t agree, he has poison within. She says but his poison can get extracted, Basheer lost his dad and has hatred in his heart. Mishra says this hatred is not letting him become human. She says if Basheer agrees, then everyone will get together, tell me what to do. The boy bats and Basheer catches the ball, asking him to play well, there is little girl here. Dhara and Mishra smile. Dhara asks driver to drop Shubhangi home. Dhara asks Shubhangi to go. Shubhangi looks at Basheer. He smiles seeing her.

Shubhangi is on her way and says I have chocolate, I will give it to my friend. The driver says no, give it tomorrow, we will buy coconut oil and go home, don’t get down the rickshaw. Shubhangi sees her friend and goes to give the chocolate. She runs after the rickshaw. The driver sees Shubhangi gone and asks the people around. He calls Dhara. Dhara goes and attends the call from Mridula. Mridula says Shubhangi did not reach till now. Dhara says she left long time back, and calls the driver. She tells Mishra that driver is not taking call, Shubhangi did not reach home. He asks her to calm down.

Sanjay comes there to pick his nephew Veer and asks Dhara why is she worried. Dhara says Shubhangi did not reach home, I have sent her with driver. He asks don’t you get our caste people. The muslim driver looks for Shubhangi everywhere. Shubhangi gets lost. A sadhu asks her name… Sanjay says I told you not to trust other caste, the driver did this. Dhara says no, he is good man. Sanjay says I know who is good and who is bad, go with Mishra, I will talk to police, if its kidnapping, it will be tough, I m sure driver did this.

Dhara and Mishra try finding Shubhangi. Dhara calls Mridula and asks did Shubhangi come home. Mridula says she did not come, I informed Sameer. Sanjay files report in police station and says a girl from our area is missing since 2 hours. Inspector asks him to wait for 24 hours, if girl does not come home, then tell us. Dhara stops seeing rickshaw and asks the man about the driver. The man says the girl is missing and driver is madly finding her. Dhara says I know he is not bad. Sanjay tells inspector that driver is missing, take my FIR. The driver looks for Shubhangi and prays for her. Dhara stops seeing the driver and he apologizes to her. He says I did not get Shubhangi, did anyone kidnap her…. Dhara gets shocked.

Sanjay slaps Basheer. Dhara holds Sanjay’s hand and asks him to apologize to Basheer. Sanjay refuses. She insists.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope dhara will get a naya sadasya award…am international viewer want to vote her but starparivarawards website is not getting open…wht should b the reason?is ths voting only for Indian viewers??

  2. Tum log ku smjhta nh ky mai kb se bolri k mrng tymngs pe batao betn 10am – 1pm wo sadewe serial batate

  3. Amazing episode good way of grabbing the viewers attention in to the guessing games.

  4. Nice serial. Something new from routine. Dhara is excellent
    Wish the serial all the best.

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