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The Episode starts with Roy telling Dhara about Usman. FB shows Usman playing cricket. Roy says he was a good batsman, he used to play well, he left cricket and got in his family business, he got married and then played cricket sometimes, but after he got a baby, he left cricket, he thought to work hard and take care of his family, he worked hard and wanted to buy a motor cycle to take his wife and child out on weekends, he took three years to buy a bike, he took his wife and daughter to the showroom, he bought a bike and took his wife and daughter out, but that happiness turned into fear, city got riots, the crowd caught Usman, his wife and kid.

Usman got beaten up. He then saw his wife and daughter killed. He lost his mental balance after that day. If he had family support, he would be a good cricketer

today, he had real talent, he would have got fame and money, we would have not seen him in this state. Dhara says its strange, he left his dreams and was happy in his small world, one day he lost everything, this is called fate’s strike. Roy says I don’t want Usman’s story to be repeated with someone else, so I want you to win this scholarship. He asks her to write a good letter and promise him that she will win. She promises.

Dhara comes home and writes the letter. Its morning, Dhara trains the students at the school. Later, Dhara tells Roy that she missed him at the training today, Imran is an aggressive player and Manoj plays calm. Next day, students play basketball and enjoy.

Dhara teaches Shubhangi at home. Dhara is seen training the students again. She makes them run and do fielding well. Dhara sends Shubhangi to sleep. She gets a parcel and checks. She gets the letter from fair and lovely foundation. She smiles reading the letter and wakes up Roy. She says there is good news, check this, fair and lovely foundation accepted my application, they will be coming Bulandgunj to take my interview. Roy congratulates her and says this is not just our dream, millions of girls will have dreams, you have to inspire them, best of luck, lets have some sweets, come. She says you need a reason to go out.

Its morning, Baig tells Pitambar that I will ask my friend to do some plantation here. Pitambar asks Bhola to call maintenance guy and get school cleaned up. Roy comes. Pitambar says fair and lovely foundation people are coming to school, Dhara applied for scholarship, we want school to look clean, Dhara will have good image with school. Roy says school has nothing to do with this, I want people to see how we work here, and still progress, you are school’s life, school is because of you, leave about the walls and poles, let them see, we will make them sit here and feed them kachoris. Mishra says right. Pitambar thanks Roy. Roy smiles.

Dhara practices for the interview and starts byhearting the matter. She recalls how she read recipe once and laughs. She tells Roy that Baa once asked me to byheart recipe, when Mihir came to see me once, the difference is that time Mihir came and today fair and lovely foundation team is coming.

He says this time you will become more strong, this is cricket’s victory, I can see a beautiful tomorrow for you, a new society can get formed, where a woman will get a new definition. She smiles. The students come there and make Dhara practice for the interview, by asking her questions. Dhara sits answering them and says they won’t ask me such team related questions. They cheer up Dhara. She laughs. Virat says we want to help you today. Dinesh says we were trying to make your tension less. Roy laughs and says your team is very smart. Dhara is called for the interview and prepares to go.

Dhara says dreams are not seen in big or small cities, and talks to the people. Dhara is announced the winner of fair and lovely foundation scholarship.

Update Credit to: Amena

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