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The Episode starts with Dhara asking Mihir why did he call his boss tomorrow. She says you know whats tomorrow. He says its Sunday, holiday, boss is coming for dinner. She asks how can you forget my match. He says I can’t remember that small thing, I m trying to fulfill my dreams. She says it was my dream to face men’s bowling. He says some dreams are for hobby, some dreams are to change lives, I m dreaming to change our lives, so I called boss tomorrow. She says if you think my dreams are waste, then no need to talk. He says fine, I will stop boss from coming. She says I will manage everything, don’t stop him, I know I m attached to someone’s dreams.

Next day, Dhara gets ready and talks to Deepak. She says I m doing household work now, I have to leave. He asks what happened, it seems you

are not fine. She says I m bit tensed, I will leave now. He wishes her all the best.

Mihir tells intern that new boss is coming home for dinner, its all perfect, keep files ready, you manage work at office, I will impress boss with food today and then with work. Dhara is on the way and recalls Mihir’s words. She gets in an argument with Roy. He says you are talented, this is cricket, its your dream, you did not come for me. She asks him to leave it now, she does not want to argue, she will do batting now.

Vaishaili tells men’s team selector Kiran More has come. Roy asks Dhara to see such a great player, men’s team selector has come to see you. Roy welcomes Kiran. Kiran asks Dhara to make her identity in Indian cricket and wishes her all the best.

Dhara faces the men’s bowling. Kulkarni asks how is she playing, she was playing well at 125 speed. Roy says something is going on in her mind. Kiran asks what is she playing. Roy says maybe she is nervous seeing you, I will talk to her. He goes to Dhara. She says I decided I will leave cricket. He says fine, don’t come here again, will you play last game well, or insult cricket while leaving. She says I won’t, I m sorry, she takes his blessings and says wish me luck for the last game. She recalls Deepak training her and plays well. Kiran More claps and says she is magic, she is a great player, superb.

Dhara comes home. Lavanya stops her and compliments Dhara. She asks why is she sad. Dhara says nothing like that. Lavanya says I know it, tell me. Dhara says I m tired. Lavanya says next week, uncle and aunty are going, I have to shop for them, come, we will meet them. Dhara meets uncle and aunty. Lavanya asks uncle to take care of aunty well.

Uncle asks Dhara why does she come so less to visit them, does she not like them. Dhara says I like you both a lot, I m busy in cricket and household, I will miss you. He says our son is calling us to US, we will be bored there, we both will be paralyzed there. Lavanya calls uncle lucky to have a son like that. Dhara says I will go, I will get snacks for you. She goes. Uncle asks what happened to Dhara. Lavanya says don’t know, I will check. She goes to Dhara and asks what happened, tell me. Dhara says uncle and aunty are going so… Lavanya says its fine, I m also going for few months on training. Dhara asks her not to go. She says everything is going, even cricket…. Lavanya gets shocked.

Its night, Mihir welcomes boss. He thanks Dhara for making so many things. She says no need to thank, I did my work, your boss will be impressed. His boss sits to dine. Dhara serves the food. Boss likes the food a lot and says I did not eat such food before, if Mihir allows, then I would like to shake hands with your wife. Mihir says sure. Boss shakes hands with Dhara and says thanks for the world’s best food I had. She thanks him. Boss asks for remote. He says I m cricket addict and knowing score is necessary.

Roy asks Dhara to come with him. He gets her to some place. She asks where are we…. Dhara hears a girl screaming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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