Tamanna 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with doctor telling Dhara that Deepak might be arranging money so he got late for treatment. She cries and recalls. FB shows Dhara telling Deepak that she can’t reach to play cricket on time. Deepak says you can reach by air flight. She says they won’t give me flight ticket. He says I will give you flight tickets. She gets glad and goes. Saroj says does Dhara know you will get new bat for her, how much does it costs. He says 25000rs, and new knee pad is also needed, Dhara is in under 19 team, its big thing, it will be around 50000rs, be proud of Dhara, I will spend money. Dhara says if its much, then.. Deepak says its fine, you will get new bat, you know what I want. Fb ends.

Doctor says don’t worry, there is no danger to Deepak’s life, everything will be fine. Pitti

comes and tells Dhara that Deepak got conscious, come. Dhara says I will just come. Doctor asks Dhara to meet Deepak. Dhara meets Deepak and cries holding his hand. Doctor asks Dhara to not cry. He removes Deepak’s oxygen mask, saying Dhara is his oxygen. He goes.

She asks Deepak why did you not say about your illness. He asks the match score. She cries and says I failed, my dad did not get operation done and saved money for me. She asks why did he compromise on his health by getting flight tickets for her, how did he think that trophy is important for her than him. She says I failed as a daughter. He says you know batting, now I knew you know to say good dialogues. She says no, I m saying truth. She locks her bags and says its enough, my cricket is finished now, I won’t play now. You are most imp for me. He asks why this drama, tell me the score. She says it does not mean anything now. He says I did not know this would happen, I thought I will tell you on your return. She says doctor told you everything, don’t do this, I will not play now. Baa asks Dhara to let it go, Deepak is fine.

Deepak says I got bat worth 25000, don’t waste it, this is our dream, I want you to play for Gujarat state. Saroj asks Deepak not to talk much. Deepak says tell Dhara, she threw the keys. Deepak says you got 17 years now Dhara, after 3 years, you will be married, then your husband will decide will you play or not, till then you have to play under me, tell me score, else I will keep asking. Dhara asks him not to blackmail, and tells him what happened in final match. She says she has hit century in both matches, as he asked for it. She smiles and asks for two chocolates. Deepak says let me get up from here. Baa asks him to wear oxygen mask. Pitti gets the keys. Deepak asks for trophy. Pitti gives keys to Dhara. Dhara shows the trophy of woman of the series. Deepak holds the trophy and feels proud. Baa asks Deepak to wear mask now. Dhara makes him wear the mask.

The scene comes in current timeframe: Dhara sees the trophy in her room, and recalls Baa’s words. She recalls Deepak’s support and his illness. She thinks Deepak saw this dream that she plays in Gujarat’s state team, and he told me that I will leave cricket at the time of marriage, he believed I will fulfill his dream and promise too. Dhara says Papa used to tell me to use instinct, what heart says, I thought I will not leave cricket ever, but after travelling in memory world, everything changed now. She writes the diary that she will fulfill the promise, Deepak let her stay with cricket for 12 years, Deepak did a lot for me. Deepak achieved everything as a father, and now its my turn, Deepak left the decision on me today, I saw just cricket first and now I m seeing just my dad. I was thinking to refuse for marriage, then you will fight with the world for me.

Dhara thinks I should not let Deepak fight for me now, he already fought a lot, I will marry, now my instinct says that I will do marriage. Deepak comes and gives the items to Baa. Dhara sees him and rushes to him. Deepak shows the items to Baa. Baa checks the list. Dhara hugs Deepak. She runs upstairs. Deepak smiles. Dhara goes to room and cries.


Dhara tells Baa that second innings should start. Baa asks Dhara to say yes for marriage. Deepak prays that he can’t stop Dhara from playing cricket, he can’t get Dhara married by stopping her cricket.

Update Credit to: Amena

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