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The Episode starts with Dhara going to that repair shop. The lady asks her son to get a glass of water. Basheer comes and gives water to Dhara. The lady asks Basheer to get needles, she has to stitch bags. Dhara asks the lady why is Basheer like this, he stays silent and does not talk to anyone, he has strange anger on his face. The lady asks how do you know him. Dhara says I teach him cricket at his school. The lady asks her to sit, what happened, did Basheer insult you.

Dhara says no, he never speaks up, just his eyes speaks a lot, which I m not able to understand, so I asked you. The lady says when an eight year old kid sees his dad dying, such thing happens. She says Basheer’s dad used to close the water tap at night, he believed water should not get wasted, it was riots night, he went to

close tap, I asked Basheer to go and tell his dad to come. Basheer has seen someone shooting his dad, he did not cry and got silent since then, he never speaks up and sometimes he goes to close the tap, I get a bad dream that Basheer is igniting fire around the place, I get scared by that dream.

Later, Dhara comes to school. Mishra says Saxena is not signing on the files, I was visiting his office so much. Ram Prasad asks Mishra not to worry, nothing will happen. Mishra says things will change, I wanted kids to learn well, if they got kit soon. Dhara says I have a solution, we will get all equipments. Mishra asks what. Dhara says we will make Saxena’s image better, out work will be done. Mishra says I did not understand. She says I will tell you.

The guys play cricket. Sultan Singh joins them and takes the ball. He refuses to give the ball to the group. Mishra gives sweets to peons and says Saxena passed the grant for our school, give this sweets to Saxena and say our thanks to him. The peon asks how much money Saxena took. Mishra says he did not take anything, you misunderstand Saxena, he is a gem, he asked me to make kids good cricketers. He praises Saxena. The peon says we did not know Saxena is such good man.

The guys run after Sultan to get the ball. Sultan runs faster and does not get caught. Dhara sees him and asks who is this guy. Bhola says he is fast runner, new admission, Sultan Singh, his father is army officer, its his first day here, don’t know what will he do. Dhara runs and stops Sultan and everyone. She asks his name. He says Sultan Daler Singh. She says nice name. He says my dad kept my name. The guys laugh.

Sultan says I know playing cricket. Dhara says no one will stop him, he will play in team. The guys refuse to take him. Dhara asks them to change their mindset. Sultan says I will get 4-5 sardars and make my own team, then I won’t let you play, strange school, I was captain in my old school. Dhara says I will make my own team and give them the kit. She leaves.

Saxena comes to office and hears the staff laughing and having sweets. He asks whats the good news. Mishra leaves. The peon says Mishra gave sweets as you signed his sports file, he was very happy and said you are very good, you did his work without taking bribe, I did not see such honest officer, our kids also study in govt school, we did not know you are so good, rich by heart, we will work hard for you. Saxena feels happy and regrets to not sign the file. He goes to his cabin.

Saxena takes the file of the school grant, and signs on it. The peon from his office comes to the school. He gives the file and says Saxena has sent it. Mishra tells Dhara that its not easy. Peon says you have sweets, Saxena is really good, after you went, he asked me to give sports items to your school. Saxena and Dhara get glad. Peon says your equipments have come. Bhola says Mishra did great. Mishra says its Dhara’s courage and smartness. Dhara says its everyone’s hardwork, have sweets. Mishra says you are our strength. The guys like the equipment. Dhara asks them to keep everything down.

Pitambar says my retirement has 1.5 years left, I want some peace. Dhara says its wrong, you are being selfish, you want to end all this, but its my beginning, this job is not just job, its my passion.

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