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The Episode starts with Diwakar asking the staff to be more comfortable. He asks Mihir to come in blazer if he wants, as they are already building other’s image, they don’t need to take stress and work on their image. He says I think Mihir does not agree with me and laughs. He says PR can have another definition, personal relation, let us all be like a family. They all clap. Diwakar leaves.

Intern tells Mihir that you sat wearing blazer and Nitesh impressed boss. Mihir says I think I have to change my style to impress boss. He goes to Diwakar. He says I m Mihir, nice to meet you, I hope I m not disturbing you, I wanted to share few personal things, I need 2 mins. Diwakar says yes, sure, go ahead. Mihir says whatever you said in speech was special, I m from humble background, my dad got me educated

by working in two shifts, I did not know about this office, Mumbai corporate world, blazer, I was not aware of all this, but I missed human touch here, people ate jealous of each other here, when you called us family, I felt I m alive, thanks for reminding me old days. Diwakar says from where we come, we should not forget and be proud, be like this. Mihir says I can’t promise, I will try. Diwakar says it will be fun to work together, good luck. Mihir says sorry once again, I took more than 2 mins. Diwakar says that’s cool. Mihir smiles and leaves.

Dhara practices at home. Deepak calls her and asks how is she. She says I m not fine. He asks why. She says two men are coming to select team. He says great, congrats. She says they are state level fast bowlers, tell me what to do to face 130 speed ball. He says fine, do as I say. He tells her. She says I will be careful. He asks her to concentrate on practice.

Mihir thanks someone on call. Mihir gets info and tells intern that new boss comes office half an hour before, you will know it tomorrow. Later, Mihir works at home and Dhara tells him that she has to face two fast bowlers tomorrow. He asks her to set early alarm tomorrow. She asks why. He says I have imp work and goes to sleep.

Its morning, Mihir and intern reach office. Mihir asks intern to get breakfast. He asks a man what work he does. The man says I polish shoes. Mihir asks did you get educated. He waits for Diwakar to come there. He sees Diwakar coming and acts good. He gives him 500rs and asks him to study. He says I will give you money for your books. The man says you changed. Mihir says yes, I changed, I will take care of your studies expenses. Diwakar smiles and leaves. Mihir asks the man to do anything with money, and sends the man. He tells intern that he acted to be good, this 500rs will not get waste, he did this to set good impression on Diwakar.

Mihir greets Diwakar. Diwakar says you come office early, I saw you with that shoe polishing guy. Mihir says yes, Raju, I m getting him educated. Diwakar says I m hugely impressed, well done, you said you changed in 7 years, you are still simple and good guy, who thinks about people, I like you man. Mihir thanks him and gives the new clients presentation file. Diwakar asks Mihir to help, I m finding a house, if you know some good place then let me know. Mihir says sure and leaves.

Kulkarni asks Vaishaili to concentrate. Dhara tells Deepak that she is batting well. Roy asks Dhara to come for batting. She tells Deepak that she will talk later and goes for batting. Dhara plays well. Kulkarni claps for her and says we will increase speed to 125. Roy says she is playing at 125. Kulkarni asks what. Roy says Dhara Solanki, increase speed to 130. Kulkarni asks are you sure… Roy says yes. Kulkarni stops Dhara and increases speed. He asks her to get ready. Dhara goes to wait helmet. Roy stops her. Kulkarni says let her wear it. Roy says nothing will happen. Dhara plays the ball served at 130 speed. Kulkarni says well played, continue. Roy smiles.

Mihir tells intern how can I miss this, I will just come, I m big fool. Intern asks what happened. Mihir goes to Diwakar and says I have a house in my society, there is penthouse which will suit your post. Diwakar says I don’t want bigger place, I m divorcee, I have a son who comes to stay for few days, so place for two is enough. Mihir asks when will you come. Diwakar says Saturday. Mihir asks him to come for dinner, Dhara makes great food. Diwakar says Dhara… Mihir says my wife. Diwakar says dinner not possible, I will come to see your house. Mihir leaves.

Later, Dhara tells Diwakar that happened at ground, how well she did batting. Mihir asks her to end call. He tells her that his boss is coming. She says I have match on Sunday, I have to practice on Saturday, Roy challenged someone. He says boss is coming, I gave my word, you will be at home, that’s it.

Diwakar comes to visit Mihir and says I liked the house. Mihir says I will make papers ready, sit. Dhara smiles and says rose…. Diwakar says rose blossoming in Mumbai, great. Mihir serves sweets. Diwakar says its very tasty, now I have to come on dinner, how about Thursday. Mihir says tomorrow Sunday, we should keep dinner tomorrow itself. Dhara looks on.

Mihir apologizes to Dhara she says your Sir said he can come on Thursday too, why did you call him tomorrow, you know whats tomorrow. He says Sunday, holiday. She asks what else. He says boss is coming on dinner, what else….

Update Credit to: Amena

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