Tamanna 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Izhar threatening Dhara. She asks him not to threaten him, as he is handcuffed. Izhar scolds her. Bhai ji asks Izhar to calm down, atleast for his sake, this is my office, Dhara can’t do anything, we did not do anything, we are innocent like always, it’s a plan against us, there is no proof against us. Dhara asks her to take this overconfidence inside court, you accepted that you killed Sanjay, and threatened to kill me. He recalls that. Dhara says you wanted proof, I have given our conversation recording to commissioner, now go behind bars and curse each other, no one will come to save you, the Dharm of the true people is just humanity. Izhar says I m helpless, but still have hope. He fumes.

Dhara meets Sanjay and talks to him. He says I m fine. She says doctor said you

can go home in few days. He says I m really fine, don’t worry, focus on the cricket tournament. She asks him to take care and goes. Dhara and Deepak train the team. Doctor tells Sanjay that he is recovering, but he has to take good rest and proper care. Sanjay thanks him.

Dhara asks the team players to focus and teaches more tips. Deepak gets the call and tells Dhara the good news, that court punished Bhai ji and Izhar, your team can play well now, and this city got free of the filth. She gets very glad and hugs him. She says now the guys can play tension free. He asks about the team’s uniform. Basheer says it was a surprise, but seeing you in tension, I wanted to say my mum is making the team clothes, both the localities gave donation for the clothes. Dhara asks him to thank his mum, now our responsibility increased much, we have to win and become champions. She hugs Deepak.

Everyone have a get together at Dhara’s home. Sameer asks Dhara to come. He says Mridula and you wanted to know where I was going, it’s a surprise, see this. He shows the cricket bats for the team. They all get glad seeing the handcrafted bats for the team by Sameer. Mridula says I was thinking wrong. Dhara likes the bat’s grip. Sameer says I worked day and night to make these good bats for the team, win and come. He hugs Dhara. She thanks him. Later, the team gets ready and is leaving for the tournament. They all play dhol and smile. The team’s journey is shown. Deepak asks where is Dhara.

Dhara goes to Chaurasia and takes blessings. He asks her to win and come, Lord is with her. Dhara comes to everyone. The people clap for her. She shouts one team one dream, and encourages them. They all clap and smile. Deepak asks them to come. Dhara, Deepak and the team sit in the van and leave. Everyone bid bye to them.

Dhara asks Veer where are the team players. Veer says swimming pool. She gets going to get them back. Deepak says this is their childhood, they did not see swimming pool in their city, don’t become hitler.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dharaa is a woman of substance in tamanna.I like d character

  2. dhara is inspiratoin to society to be truthful kind compassionate and strong

  3. Can any one give reasons why such a good serial is coming to end on 26/06/16.
    This is very sad.


      Becoz Tammna and Dhaleez was only a finite series of this much epiosdes only…

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