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The Episode starts with Dhara arguing with Deepak. She says I told you I want to do everything on my own. Deepak says I know, but a father is on his own when he gives all happiness to his children, right? Let me do my duty, you can’t stop me. She says this was not needed. He says fridge is needed, you have seen fridge since childhood, we had many fridges at home, this is just one. He asks Sameer to explain Dhara.

Dhara says Deepak has spent a lot. Sameer smiles and asks her to accept all that, Deepak is her dad and whatever gift he got can’t be refused. Deepak says yes. Sameer says its by love. Dhara says fine, what can I say now. Shubhangi asks Deepak did he not get anything for her. Deepak says I got this fridge for you, this is your gift, you will get cold milk to drink, ask Dhara to make

icecream for you. Shubhangi says I want icecream now. Dhara asks Deepak to make icecream now. Mridula smiles. Sameer says I will get icecream for you, come. They leave.

Deepak says its not big thing, I wanted to do this, its my feelings, if I did not do this, I would have got sad and felt weak. He cries and says your happiness is reason of my life, I did this for your happiness, I m alive seeing you happy, we will see same match at same time and talk, milk will not get spoiled in fridge, you can buy paneer, Shubhangi will also be happy. Dhara cries. Deepak wipes her tears. He gives her orange peppermint. She makes him eat that and eats one. He says your innings should go long, on your own. She hugs him and thanks him. She apologizes.

Its morning, Deepak packs his bag. Mishra comes there and says you did not say you are leaving. Deepak says I was going to meet you before leaving. Mishra gives him sweets. Deepak says you want me to come here again. Deepak asks him to take care of Dhara. Mishra says she can take care of herself, don’t worry. Deepak thanks him. Its night, Dhara asks where is Sameer. Mridula says he will come. Shubhangi gives chocolates to Deepak. Dhara gives tiffin to him. Deepak asks whats the need. Dhara says it was needed. Sameer comes and says I went to get this. Deepak says I met pandit Chaurasia, I promised him that Shubhangi will learn tabla, this is for Shubhangi. He says I will leave now. Dhara says I will come to drop you at station. Deepak says I will manage, just take care, don’t worry, I m still alive.

Dhara asks Deepak not to worry, I will manage. Deepak says if Mihir comes here… Sameer says don’t worry, her brother is with her, Dhara is not alone. Deepak hugs Sameer and thanks him. Dhara hugs Deepak and asks him to take care. Deepak blesses her and asks her to keep winning. Mridula asks him to come for more days next time. Deepak says sure. Dhara says I will miss you. Deepak says I will leave now, else I will miss train. He leaves.

Its morning, Mridula sees Shubhangi digging pit and asks her what is she doing. Shubhangi says I m planting seeds. Mridula says plants do not grow like this, we need more seeds, promise. She gets Shubhangi home and asks her to tell Dhara what she was doing. Dhara asks what. Shubhangi says she was playing and planting a seed, she wants to grow plants by it. Dhara recalls her childhood where she has sown a ball. She misses Deepak. She sends Shubhangi to do homework. Mridula says she has become mischievous these days. Dhara gets sad. Mridula says even then, I m scared, Shubhangi was scared and hugged me when she heard loudspeaker sound, maybe its hard for her to forget everything. Dhara says its tough, but she will forget by your love, I did not know how to raise Shubhangi without family, but you gave her a family, thanks. Shubhangi says I don’t know, but Shubhangi is my niece. Dhara says sorry, I want a favor, Shubhangi will come two hours early, you manage her. Mridula says I can manage her all her life. Dhara says keep her, she is your daughter. They smile.

Dhara goes on the ground and tells Mishra that it will take some time to unite them, they make faces when I ask them to play together. Shubhangi comes there. Dhara says Shubhangi would be going home. She asks her to go and sit there. She tells Mishra that she will see what to do. She asks the guys to come for bowling practice. Basheer throws ball and goes. Dhara asks the guys to do bowling in sequence and asks them to hit the wicket in aggression, maintain line and length.

The guys play. Shubhangi holds Basheer’s hand. Dhara smiles seeing this. Dhara goes home and asks rickshaw driver did Shubhangi trouble him. He says no, she is lovely girl, why are you taking cricket kit home today. Dhara says it got damaged. He says I know a repair centre, would you come to our area. She says why not, we will go. She goes to the shop and sees some old men making balls. She asks the rate. He says 120rs. She says its very low, its for 200rs in market.

He says we are wholesale retailers. She checks the ball and smiles. She says its good stitching, it shows experienced hands. The ball says we are doing this since three generations, we don’t sell balls till we make perfect ones. She says I teach cricket in school here, I play cricket since childhood. He asks her to take the ball, she has praised their work, else who talks to them. She buys two balls. She thanks him. Driver takes her to the repair centre. She sees the place and says this is clock house, its near my house, then why did we come by such long route. She asks about the locked gate. The driver says this gate is locked now, way is closed. The places look close, but situation made them distant.

Dhara says Sultan will play in your team. The guys refuse to take Sultan in his team. Basheer likes the kit. She asks them to keep all the things down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Can’t wait to see Dhara’s team United. I feel this series timing shud be swapped with SNB . It will attract an even bigger audience.what do you guys think ?do u agree , just my opinion


  2. I meant to be swapped with saath nibhana saathiya

  3. Nice episode.. Deepak has to stay with dhara..

  4. samira khanom

    Basheer is hot lol awesome show ever

  5. samira khanom

    Basheer is hot lol awesome show ever

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