Tamanna 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mihir accepting his mistakes infront of Shubhangi. He says I had to lose, it was destined, I m your culprit, remember this that your father was not a good man. He cries and says I came to say sorry to you. He apologizes and asks her to take care, study well and make Dhara’s name shine. Dhara looks on. He goes. Dhara stops him and gives him a glass of water. She says truth reaches people’s hearts soon, what I heard today and saw, I have seen truth in it.

She says I stayed with you for many years, but for the first time, I heard truth from you, I felt glad, but this is not you, I know this truth won’t stay for long, you will get back to your real form again, because your selfishness and stubborn nature is forever. She says even then telling truth to your daughter, it needs

much courage, I have seen a good man in you for the first time, try to make that person alive in you, maybe you can change. She thanks Mihir. He looks at her. She turns her face away and cries.

Mihir cries seeing her. He leaves from there. Dhara goes to the school and gets shocked seeing the colors blast. She gets shocked and worried. The students run to her with garlands. She gets surprised and smiles. They all make her wear garlands and congratulate her. They ask for a party. She says fine, I will give party, have these sweets first.

She asks them to get back to practice now. Mishra says great. She goes to meet Roy. He congratulates her and says you won the case. She asks what are you doing here. He says I have nothing to do, Mishra is at the ground, I m sitting here. She asks are students practicing well. He asks do you doubt on my training. She says no, I think they should practice more, tournament date is close, they have to prepare, this tournament is my motive and making them win is my aim. He says you will win this tournament, do you have anything to do after you win.

Dhara says I need someone’s support, I have some plans. Roy says its true if anyone’s support is there, its easier. He shows her fair and lovely foundation which helps girls to fulfill dreams. He asks her to fill the form before he leaves. She smiles and says I will fill it. He asks her to fill all details. She looks at him.

Verma scolds Sanjay and says you have spoiled things by going against Mihir, he is image builder, what will happen now. Verma asks what relation do you have with Dhara, are you having an affair. Sanjay gets angry and scolds him, holding his collar. He says I told you I will not support wrong. Bhai ji gets angry and shouts on Sanjay. He asks Sanjay to leave Verma. Sanjay says if supporting truth is wrong, yes I did mistake, I will do it again. Verma asks since when are you thinking about right and wrong, you came to me when you were 12 year old, I taught you everything like my son, I told you about Dharm and party work, I gave you respect, why, to hear this from you.

He says I regret you are not agreeing to me, I don’t worry for Mihir and my image spoiling. He scolds Sanjay and asks him to just leave. Sanjay leaves. Bhai ji says I have to do something of that Dhara. Sanjay goes and gets angry recalling Verma’s words. He recalls Mihir’s words. He thinks of Dhara and how she changed him.

Sanjay goes to meet Dhara. She asks is everything fine. He says I got something for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode Dhara I love your personality how I wish all women could be like you no man will take advantage, mihir crocodile tears didn’t work to put you down,please producers let this drams continue its such an inspiration for women

  2. It is said that by mid june, the serial is going to end. Is it true. This is shocking. It is a very good serial. Why its end so soon.


      It got extension, otherwise it was ending on 29 may….

  3. Now that mihir is out of their lives I want dhara to focus on her dreams. I want to see her become a famous cricketer and make everyone proud. I hope they show it soon as I heard the show is going to end soon.

  4. nice episodes… and I like the sanjay dialogue of Rs.201

  5. Nice episode

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