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The Episode starts with Mihir telling intern that this is not right info. He says name, address and qualifications, even I could get this timepass info from internet. Intern asks what is right info then. Mihir says the info regarding person’s likes, dislikes, leisurely things choices etc. The intern says I came to learn all this from you. Mihir asks him to get info what he asked for. Mihir says I want to celebrate as rude boss is leaving. Intern says you worked with your boss for long time, you may feel bad, whats there to celebrate. Mihir says I will be most happy if boss leaves office or world, you want to see how cheap I m right, that’s why you said all this to make me clear it to you. He asks intern to get to work.

Dhara does batting and asks Roy whats the matter, that he is bowling. Roy

says I m seeing how fast ball can you play, there is reason for your test, you have to play with boys tomorrow, they will select women’s team, I challenged them Dhara and Vaishaili can play on fast ball. Dhara says we will play. Roy says I don’t think so, are you not practicing off ground. She says no, I m married now, I have to do household work too, Mihir supports me. He says then use that support well and concentrate on practice. She says my house is my responsibility, I will leave cricket when I feel I can’t focus on both the things, we have to choose marriage, you are man and won’t understand, I promise I will play well, I will practice, bowl now, don’t worry, I will fulfill your challenge.

Boss is leaving and wishes all the best to staff. He says good bye Mihir, no hard feelings. Mihir says yes, good bye. Boss says you did not call me Sir. Mihir says new Sir will come, good bye. Boss leaves. Mihir wishes Nitesh all the best as there will be new race to reach new boss. He says this time I will win this race. Nitesh says don’t take this serious, I did work in your absence, boss liked it, you are still thinking about it, forget old things as new boss is coming, we are colleagues, we have to work together, take it easy. Mihir smiles and says your problem is you want to go ahead, and I want to go on top, there is just one place, all the best.

Kulkarni tells Roy that Dhara is a real star, there is no batsman like her, don’t lose hope, she is really fantastic, do something. Roy runs to Dhara and asks if you are selected, what will you do. Dhara says don’t know, its not in my hands. Roy says its best chance. She says I can’t shut my house doors to open worldly doors, Mihir’s parents do not know I m playing cricket, he is lying for my parents, for my happiness, I can’t lie to Mihir, I can’t decide anything, I told you I will try my best to do batting well, its my dream to play against boys, I can just see short term dreams. She goes. Roy tells Kulkarni to see her game and be happy, don’t waste time on this girl, find someone else.

Dhara calls Mihir’s mum and talks to her. Mummy asks for Mihir. Dhara says new boss came in his office, he will call you soon, I had to tell you that I m still playing cricket, I was not feeling good to lie to you, I called to tell you truth. Mummy asks does Mihir know. Dhara says yes, he gave me permission. Mummy says then what, you are lucky, Mihir did not like you play cricket, whats problem then, you changed my son, I m very happy. Dhara gets shocked and says I had to tell you truth. Mummy says I m glad, but focus on home, you will get children now, if you convinced Mihir, then you can manage well. She says ask Mihir to call me and ends call. Dhara is worried feeling Mihir lied to her.

Mihir comes home. She says I told mummy ji that I m playing cricket. He says I stopped you. She says but I got to know why you stopped me. He asks what. She says mummy ji told me, you disliked my playing cricket than her. He says you feel I m lying, I don’t need to lie, my parents wanted me to marry a simple girl, even I wanted that, when I met you, I felt I should not snatch your cricket, I thought why to create complications by telling my parents, I wanted to avoid that, I changed my decision after meeting you.

She says when we met first time, you said I can play cricket. He says no, I said you can play little cricket and that too not professional, I told you we will lie a bit to my parents, remember, topic ends. She says yes, I will get tea. He says we are going on shopping, I need a blazer to impress my boss, when you get doubts, clear it. She says sorry. He says I don’t want you to have tension. She smiles. He asks her to get ready.

Next day, New boss comes to office and asks receptionist to be confident. She asks who is he. He says I m new boss, Diwakar. He meets his staff. He says I m nervous, I m human, I do my work well, we will chat. He says lets define our work, who will say. Nitesh tells before Mihir. Nitesh says we are image builders. Diwakar says absolutely right.

Mihir tells Dhara that his boss is coming on sunday. She says I have match, Roy challenged someone. He says you have to be at home and make all snacks, you won’t forget practice if you don’t go one day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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