Tamanna 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with ward boy asking Baa to sign consent form. He explains the meaning that hospital will not be responsible if anything happens to patient during or after treatment. Saroj cries. Baa says nothing will happen to Deepak and signs on the form. Pitti comes to know Deepak is taken to hospital and runs to hospital. He asks for Deepak and reaches Baa and Saroj. Baa says his operation is going on. He says Dhara is calling since two hours, I did not say anything, you talk to her. Dhara calls again. Saroj talks to Dhara and says landline is not working, Deepak has gone out of city. Dhara asks why. Baa ends call as ambulance sound comes.

Dhara calls again. She asks Saroj whats happening, this can’t happen that Deepak does not attend my call. Saroj says maybe his phone is on silent,

I will make you talk to him. Dhara says if I don’t talk to him till morning, I will leave match and come. Saroj tells this to Baa. Doctor comes and says everything is fine, you have to take care of Deepak. Deepak takes Dhara’s name and wants to talk to her. Dhara is restless and worried. Baa and Saroj are at hospital. Saroj says Deepak wants to talk to Dhara. Baa says we have to make them talk, come, we will talk to doctor.

Baa says we will make you talk to Dhara, let doctor come Deepak. Doctor comes and asks Deepak not to talk now, just inform her about operation, don’t talk till 3 days. Deepak insists. Doctor says fine, talk slowly, please. Deepak asks for medicines so that he talks well, if Dhara knows he is unwell, she will leave the match. Saroj says talk in low tone, tell her you have fever. Dhara gets the call. She asks Deepak where was he till now. Deepak says I forgot phone at home. She asks are you hiding anything, what happened to your voice. Deepak asks how did she get out in game and tells her to play well. She says you did not say congrats about century, leave this, don’t do this again, I was leaving match and coming. He asks her to make another century. He coughs and lies to her. He ends call and asks her to call after the match. She cries. Deepak gets unwell. Doctor checks him.

After few days, Dhara comes home and sees people leaving. She asks what happened and runs. She asks Baa what happened. Baa asks her to sit. Dhara asks what happened, just tell me. Baa says Deepak is in hospital, nothing much happened. Dhara rushes to hospital. She asks for Deepak and goes to see him.

Dhara cries and goes to meet doctor. Doctor tells her about Deepak’s illness and infection. He says Deepak did not come for treatment on time, so operation was needed, else medicines would have been enough, he is fine now, there is no danger to his life, but he can’t play cricket with you now, I mean running, lifting weight, climbing stairs, take some care. Dhara cries. Baa consoles her. Doctor says I told Deepak one and a half month ago when he came to me. Dhara asks when, did he come here. Saroj says we came to know this yesterday. Doctor says yes, I told Deepak to get treatment soon, but Deepak said I will come in 2-3 days. I felt he went to big hospital as we have less facilities, and I did not follow up, I did not ask him. Baa says don’t know why he has hidden this. Dhara cries and says I know. She recalls Deepak. FB shows Dhara going to Deepak. She gives him good news that she is chosen in under 19 team. Deepak gets glad. He makes Dhara practice and gives her tips. He coughs and stops. She asks him to run. He asks her to pass the ball. She asks shall I do batting or fielding. He says both. She passes the ball. She calls him old. He asks her to play.

Dhara says he was getting tired in the practice, I noticed him and said he is getting old. Doctor says one more thing might be reason, I told him operation will cost 50000rs, I did mistake, I should have said he can pay later as I know him, I think he was arranging money and got late. Dhara cries.

Dhara confronts Deepak and asks why did he not get his operation done, why did he send her for cricket match by getting air ticket for her. She says he is more important to her than a trophy. She gets angry and says its enough now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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