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The Episode starts with Basheer wearing the tshirt. Mridula says you look good. Basheer goes. Sameer smiles. Basheer comes back to Dhara’s house and whistles. Everyone see him wearing the India team tshirt. They ask who gave you this. Basheer says Sameer gave his tshirt. Dhara smiles and says so now we will make world’s best bhel, I want to thank you all, thanks. Sanjay comes home and gets angry seeing the grill open. He goes to Dhara’s house and shouts Veer. He drags Veer and scolds all of them for getting Veer here by breaking the lock. Veer says its not their mistake. Sanjay asks is it your mistake, you will be hungry till you realize your mistake.

Dhara argues with Sanjay and says you can keep him hungry and beat him, you can just show manhood to weak, Veer can’t oppose you as you did favors

on you, Lord fills stomach, we become a reason, you are egoistic, you can’t see this, you just think about yourself, if everything is yours, what is of Veer, don’t make him servant. Sanjay asks her to be away from Veer, does she want to break their relation, be away. She says I m not filling poison, you are doing it, your work is to fill hatred in people’s heart, I m trying to make them stay peacefully, you can see everything, you are in politics, what will you get by dividing them, the kids want their childhood, can’t you give them, if you have humanity, leave from here. Sanjay gets angry seeing muslim kids and Baig. He takes Veer and leaves.

Dhara talks to everyone. Sanjay goes out and recalls Dhara’s words. Dhara asks Basheer and Arjun to go and get other kids. Baig says things got fine, it will get worse, don’t know how will the kids’ mothers react. Dhara asks him not to worry, its necessary to make bowler bowl right to take wickets, I m sending them right, they both should do their work right. She asks them to come, she will tell them what to do.

Basheer goes to Manoj’s house. His parents ask Basheer why did he come after beating Manoj, and scold Basheer. Basheer says I came to take Manoj to Dhara’s house for lunch, Dhara is calling him, I will not go without Manoj. Manoj’s dad scolds him. Manoj says Basheer did not beat me. His dad says his community kids have beaten you, its same. Arjun asks muslim guy’s parents to beat him, but Razzak is part of our team, and apologizes. He says we decided we will have food when complete team is there. Basheer also asks Manoj’s dad to beat him and apologizes. Razzak says they are my friends, forgive them. Razzak’s dad says this bat will be used for your victory, we will not let our children lose, Razzak go. He hugs Arjun and Razzak and says go, your team and coach are waiting. Manoj’s dad also allows Basheer and Manoj to go and smiles.

Dhara is glad seeing Manoj and Razzak. Baig and Mishra smile. Dhara says come, we will have lunch. Veer comes and asks will they dine without twelfth man. He says Sanjay has sent me. Mishra says Sanjay changed and sent Veer by Dhara’s words. Dahra says maybe he understood that we are not doing anything wrong. Mishra says yes, we all have good and bad person in us, person can become good by some change. Dhara says Sanjay is egoistic, but maybe good. Dhara says come, you all will dine together and win too. Shubhangi comes there. She plays music and dances on yuhin kat jayega safar…………..Dhara and everyone dance and sing.

Dhara argues with Sanjay and asks him to beat and kill her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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