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The Episode starts with Sanjay leaving from Dhara’s house. The riots continue. A man is about to get burnt. Sanjay helps the muslim lady and asks her to come fast. Dhara asks Imran’s parents not to let Imran leave from home. She tells Sameer that all kids are safe, but I m not able to contact Virat and Pervez, I hope they are fine. Mridula says you are worrying for them and advising them, why did we let Sanjay go alone, you should have stopped him, you know the situation is unsafe for anyone, Sanjay left to get proof by risking his life, because you told him, if you ask him to jump in fire, he will do that, your every wish has become a Lord’s command for him.

Dhara says its nothing like that, he is helping me as a good neighbor, I did not think of this danger, shall I call him back. Mridula

says do what you find right. Sanjay asks the muslim lady to reach in her area, run fast. She thanks him and asks his name. He says Sanjay. She thanks him for saving her and her daughter. A man attacks the lady. Sanjay saves her and asks her to run. His hand bleeds. Dhara waits for Sanjay and can’t connect to him. She recalls Mridula’s words. She thinks of Sanjay.

Izhar tells Bhai ji that Dhara spoiled our game, she did magic on kids and their parents too, Ruksana has seen her son’s blood and even then she is not thinking against Dhara. Bhai ji asks him to calm down, many came and went, but I m here, I will not let this fire blow off till the unity ends. Izhar says I will help you. He calls Salamat and tells him that hindus are attacking them, we can’t bear this, its your duty to see the hindus now, ruin everything, this is chance to settle scores.

Salamat asks the lady what is she doing out, hindus are killing our people. She says I went to buy medicine, some people attacked us, but a hindu man saved our life, he was angel for us. He asks who was he. He says I did not identify me, his name was Sanjay. He says you go home and thinks of Sanjay…..

Sanjay comes back to Dhara’s house. She asks why did you not answer call. She worries seeing his bleeding hand. She says come, we will go to hospital. He says I m fine, its small wound, I m fine. She says I will call Sameer. He says trust me, I m fine. She makes him sit and does the first aid. He looks at her. She applies medicine and blows on his hand. She does the dressing. She apologizes to him and says I forgot that you had risk of life too, I should have not sent you out, this wound would have not happened, I m sorry.

He says its fine, don’t say sorry, I would have gone to find out who is behind this, its not about riots, it happens always, this time you are framed and Basheer’s life was put at stake, we have to expose this for the city’s innocent people, not just us. She smiles and says you really changed a lot, this is not that Sanjay whom I met for the first time, I m feeling glad seeing your thinking changed, if every man thinks like you, then this riots around religions won’t happen, thanks for supporting me and keeping my courage. He says I should thank you for doing the aid well, I m not habitual that someone worries for me and takes care of me, I m feeling strange, but good. She says who will take care of us if we don’t care of each other, you said we are friends, and you did not get anyone till now to take care of you, as you made a wall around you, you stayed alone inside that wall, how will air come if you don’t open doors and windows. He smiles.

Deepak and everyone are worried for Dhara. Deepak says Dhara and Sameer are not answering calls, tv news just showing riots. Baa says we will go to temple and pray. He asks her to pray for all innocent people. Dhara sees Shubhangi sleeping. Sameer comes home and asks Dhara for Sanjay. He sees Sanjay wounded. Mridula asks how did you get wounded. Sanjay says don’t worry, its small wound. He says this wound taught me a lot today, Lord opened my eyes today, I have understood meaning of life. Mridula asks him how did he get hurt. Dhara says I m asking this since long.

Sanjay says I was finding Verma, I saw a woman with her daughter, some people were attacking her, I saved her on time and dropped her to her area, I got this wound there, the lady was muslim, she prayed to her Lord for me, I felt different like I helped someone and Lord made me capable of doing so, I felt I m made for this day, I had goosebumps when she prayed for me. Dhara says I understand, sometimes an incident change our thinking, it makes a better person.

Sameer says you took Allah’s name with truth. Mridula tells Dhara that Sanjay changed a lot. Sanjay says yes, I was not on right way, but I understood truth is just one, we all are humans and we should have humanity, I don’t want anyone to die on the name of religion and community, Lord gave us life. Dhara says Mridula said right, Sanjay really changed, I m glad that Sanjay is just Sanjay, there is no other community label behind his name, you gave me courage, one day will be such where there will be no fights on the name of religion.

Gaffur is stabbed by a muslim guy and dies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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