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The Episode starts with a introduction of Lakhababal village in Gujarat, where cricket is worshipped. A girl has taken a bat in her hand and her batting/play became a history. A little boy runs. The streets are shown. Kaka comes with many sweets boxes. Dhara’s father asks Baa why so many sweets, the guy is just coming to see Dhara. Baa says impression is important, just pay for whatever comes, don’t disturb me. She asks Saroj to manage work as well.

He asks her why new fridge. Baa says two fridge will look strange, and we will tell guy’s family about milk and cream usage in our house, it will set our impression. He laughs and asks where are you going. She says I will see how my girl got ready. Dhara gets ready. Dheel de de re bhaiya… plays on tape recorder. Baa comes and stops music. She

sees Dhara and says who can say no to Dhara. She tells her about some recipes, to train her in answering. Dhara asks what are you saying. Baa says you have to say all this, I m making the sweets, and we will say you made this, you have to tell recipe. Dhara says I don’t remember. Baa asks her to read it and goes. Dhara holds her head. Dhara reads the recipe.

Her friend asks why are you seeing clock again and again. Dhara’s dad gets glad seeing Dhara in saree. The little boy comes running. Baa asks him to be careful. The boy tells cricket score to Dhara. He says our batting started, coach called you, come. She says guy is coming to see me he says state level selector is coming from Pune, come, he will see you. Dhara says yes, but how to leave at this time. Her dad hears everything. Dhara tells the same to her dad. He sends her friends out. Dhara requests her dad. Her dad says selector is coming from Mumbai, he will select you for all his life, this guy is more important. She says I m called for just batting. He says forget batting, focus on the guy. She says okay. He asks what is this. She says about recipe. He says fine, read it well. He goes downstairs and stops. He gets thinking. Dhara cries and reads the recipe.

Her dad goes to that little boy and asks score. The boy says 208, send Dhara, coach asked me to get Dhara. Her dad says tell coach that Dhara Didi will come, run fast. Dhara looks on. her dad signs her to come fast. Dhara gets glad and dances on the song Dheel de de re bhaiya….. her dad turns and sees Baa. She asks him not to start any cricket, else she will jump from terrace and die. He says no, Dhara asked for shampoo and that buy got packets. He asks her to make good sweets. The little runs and a car stops, asking for Deepak Solanki’s house. The boy tells the address.

Dhara’s friends ask her are you okay, why are you dancing. Dhara dances happily. They say she is extremely happy. Baa welcomes the guy and his family, and introduces her son Deepak and bahu Saroj. Dhara is happy that the family came on time. Her friend asks Dhara to come fast. Baa asks Saroj to get sweets for everyone. She asks Saroj to get from new fridge. She tries showing off how they keep ghee in one fridge and milk in other fridge. The guy smiles.

Dhara goes to kitchen and eats sweets. Her dad Deepak calls her. Dhara drinks water quickly. She takes the sweets plate and comes there. The guy gets mesmerized seeing Dhara. Dhara greets them. Baa asks her to give sweets to everyone. The guy smiles seeing Dhara. The man says its spicy, but its great. Dhara tells the recipe, as taught by Baa. Baa smiles. The guy’s dad keeps the sweets and drinks water. Dhara sees a glass falling and holds it, saying howwzat. They all look at her. She keeps the glass back.

Baa sends Dhara and the guy to talk at terrace. Dhara says I did not make that sweets. He says I know, the way you told the recipe, don’t you like cooking. She says no. he says but I like having great food. She says I can cook anything, but I don’t like. He asks then what do you like. She shows cricketer’s pics. He asks do you like cricket, so you watch cricket. She says yes, I play too. He gets stunned.

The boy comes running to the stadium, and sees the selector arriving in his car. Dhara and the guy come downstairs. Deepak asks Dhara to take elder’s blessings and then she can go. Dhara greets them and her dad asks her to go. Dhara runs. The little boy comes back and coughs. Deepak says I will just come and excuses. He tells the boy that Dhara is coming, and sends him to Dhara with scooty keys. Dhara goes by back door, and the scooty does not start. The guy’s mum says call the girl once, I forgot to take photo with her. Deepak worries and goes to call Dhara. He asks Dhara to come inside, guy’s mum wants photo. Dhara says see the time, what photo. He says come once, wear earrings. Dhara wears earrings and goes inside house again. Deepak asks the little boy to stay out. Dhara takes pics with the guy, and rushes to play cricket on her scooty. Deepak talks to the guy’s family. The guy tells something to his mother. His mum asks does the girl play cricket?

Dhara reaches the stadium, and everyone whistle for her. The selector asks why did he come late. Dhara quickly changes her clothes, and goes to play. She wears the gloves and knee pads. She takes her bat and rushes out. The selector looks at her. Dhara wears the helmet, and sees the selector.

People cheer for Dhara. Selector sees her fame and people’s trust in her. He asks is this the girl. The man says yes, she plays well. Selector asks this way, wearing slippers. Dhara sees her slippers and gets shocked.

Baa asks Deepak to start scooter. Dhara does not play well. Baa says we lost such a good guy. Saroj says the guy’s mother called. Baa asks Dhara to keep calm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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